R-Wan On The Rise

Apr 06, 2018
R-Wan On The Rise
French DJ and producer R-Wan has been hard at work on his tracks and now touring consistently following a collaboration with Chuckie in 2017 and an official remix on Spinnin’ last year. Having already garnered support from the likes of Hardwell, David Guetta and many more artists, R-Wan’s latest track “Take Me Away” is sure to continue that trend and the track has already hit major Spotify playlists like Nicky Romero’s Music from Protocol Radio playlist. We caught up with R-Wan to discuss his new music and much more!
What was the inspiration behind “Take Me Away”? How did you go about producing this track?
I’ve been spending a lot of time in Holland lately and I got inspired by the vibe there. I really like the production of the track – before I was doing harder music, but I love how wide the musical range in Holland can be. You can hear hip hop, house, trap, afrobeats and latin music in the same set.
Have you been testing this track out in your sets? How's it been going down? Did you make any tweaks along the way?
Yes, I definitely tested it at the club and it worked fantastic. The vocal definitely has a feeling and gets the attention of the crowd while you play it, it’s a beautiful piece. The moment I got the vocals, I knew exactly which direction I was going to take for this one. The track demanded a powerful vocal.
How would you describe what an R-Wan performance is like?
It feels like a superhero coming to your club haha. Just kidding! I try to have a unique original show and do something different than my colleagues. I work on my own mashups for every gig, play unreleased remixes and I try to keep the energy as high as possible during the full DJ set, making sure nobody gets to the point where they get bored.
How did it feel to be able to make an official Spinnin' remix last year?
My friend Hasse De Moor released a track on Spinnin’ Records and gave me the chance to do a remix for him. I usually play electro/trap music in my DJ sets, but I felt like doing a trap remix for that one and the feedback was amazing! I am pretty proud of that remix.
Any other upcoming music that you can tell us about?
Definitely! I have a bunch of tracks ready to hit your headphones, I’ve been working on many surprises, mixing up different genres with fresh new singers and rappers on them. My plan is to release a track every 45 days during the next 3 years non-stop. I am a non-stop kind of person, so this is how I’d like my career to be.
What are the next couple of months looking like for you?
Busy AF! I will keep on touring between Europe, Asia and the USA. This summer I have many festivals as well and I am happy that I finally got to be in the lineup of the world’s best festival at the end of July, which I can’t tell now, but I will be announced by the end of April. I am so pumped for this since it’s one of the milestones of my career!
Thank you for the interview and for always keeping your great platform fresh! I think every EDM fan or artist has used it one time or another, you’re essential.
You can buy or stream your copy of R-Wan ft. Mike Jay – “Take Me Away” today!
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