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Firebeatz: Heating Up For Festival Season

Jun 15, 2017
Firebeatz: Heating Up For Festival Season
Photo Credit: Daan Henrard 
Before their set at Ultra Singapore we caught up with Firebeatz to discuss their latest happenings. The Dutch duo were just coming off a major China tour and had a lot of cool insight to share on the crowd there. And while they’ve been semi quiet lately on the production front, only officially releasing “Ignite” so far in 2017, there are a few IDs floating around with their names on it including a big one with Lucas & Steve. The duo always smash it, especially at festivals, and even with the early set time the energy was already apparent. And while we whipped through our talk quickly, it was packed with lots of gems! 
Let’s backtrack a bit to begin. You guys recently wrapped up a big 9 show China tour – can you talk a little about that mini tour?
Tim: Crazy! 9 shows in 10 days, several cities we’ve never been to before and we were actually just saying how surprised we were with how good it was. We heard a lot about VIP clubs and it being very static, but it was actually fucking nuts! It was great.
Jurre: The production, the clubs, everything was insane! And the crowd like Tim said was awesome!
Tim: Weird shit too [laughs]. They have like blow up dolls and all the stuff going on.
Jurre: Crowd surfing, mosh pits, everything, we were really surprised.
Tim: And there’s the huge thing right now where they are doing the headbanging. Whole groups get together and [demos the headbanging]. Nuts!
Building off that experience in China and today playing in Singapore, how does that affect your mindset going into your set?
Tim: Everything is fairly new so you have to look a little bit back for the records that you can play so you have the recognition, but also the new stuff where people will be like, “Wow, what the fuck?!” It’s a little bit different than playing somewhere like the States for instance.
What are some of the key elements of “Ignite,” which you released earlier this year, and could that signal any of what is ahead?
Tim: “Ignite” was definitely a little bit more progressive, it has that really big break, and could be a big sign of what to expect from the new label that we will launch soon.
Any special edits, mashups, or bootlegs that you guys have ready to unleash during festival season that we may hear today?
Tim: A lot of new stuff! New originals too.
Jurre: New originals, we are working on a big new remix, and we’ve got a lot of new mashups and edits ready.
Are you able to give us any timeframe on the new original material?
Jurre: We will officially announce the first single soon!
What can you tell us about the Lucas & Steve x Firebeatz ID that is floating around?!
Jurre: We have two actually. The one everyone is talking about now is the second one.
Tim: There will actually be one before that.
Which Firebeatz classic do you guys still enjoy playing the most?
Tim: “Switch” – I still love that one.
Jurre: And “Helicopter,” we always play it.
Tim: “Arsonist” always goes with a bang!
Make sure you tune into the EDCLV live stream this weekend where Firebeatz will be featured and will be giving a first preview of their new single!
Photo Credit: Rudgr.com 
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