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Julian Jordan Discusses New Single and Ultra Europe

Jul 16, 2016
Julian Jordan Discusses New Single and Ultra Europe


Young Dutch DJ and producer Julian Jordan’s new single ft. Ruby Prophet, “A Thousand Miles” marks a new chapter in his budding career as the first release on his new label, Goldkid Records. This weekend he will also play Ultra Europe for the first time following his mainstage performance at Ultra Miami earlier this year. We talked to Jordan to learn more in celebration of both of these accomplishments.
We noticed a lot of hype building around this track online. What does it feel like knowing there is a large fanbase closely following your music and trying to ID your tracks?
It’s crazy, to be honest. While I’m playing around the world, I’m always testing out new tracks and it’s great to see the response almost directly from my followers.
We noticed the song misnamed “Wild Animals” - how did you decide on the title, “A Thousand Miles,” and what does the title mean to you?
“A Thousand Miles” actually stands for the life I’m living while being on tour far away from friends and family.
How did the chance to work with Ruby Prophet come about? What did you first notice about her voice?
After visiting the Sony Publishing office, I received some demos from Ruby and that song really got me hooked. The demo version of “A Thousand Miles” was on repeat in my car before I started to work on the actual production.
Can you describe the inspiration and production process for this track?
The first time I heard the demo song from Ruby, I already had the main melody stuck in my head, so it only took a few hours to work out the melody and the arrangement.
What’s the reaction been like when you’ve played this track in your sets? Do you feel like people have picked up the vocals even though it hasn’t officially been released?
It’s great to see that there are actually people bringing flags to my shows with the lyrics on it. It's crazy! :)
What does it mean to you to release this track on your new label Goldkid Records? How does this release signal what’s to come from Goldkid Records?
It’s gives me a great feeling that I’m able to put out a wider range of musical styles. We just finished the follow up to “A Thousand Miles” which will be a 2-track EP which will be a little different.
What was it like playing the Ultra mainstage in Miami this year? How does that experience play into your excitement and preparation for this weekend?
It was one of this year’s highlights for sure! I don’t think that I’ll ever get used playing such huge stages, so this weekend will be a totally new experience I guess :)
Your Ultra Miami set was filled with ID tracks! Can we expect the same from your set this weekend?
Yes, I’ll definitely play some of the tracks I have finished in the last couple of weeks.
Are there any must play tracks in your festival sets this summer?
Yes, but those are all IDs from friends and colleagues, haha.
Do you have anything else special prepared for your set at Ultra Croatia?
I’ve worked on a special intro version of “A Thousand Miles,” so I’ll probably start with that one ;)
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