Nari & Milani and Hiisak - Camino Del Sol

Jun 20, 2016
Nari & Milani and Hiisak - Camino Del Sol
Fresh off their hit collaboration "The Drums," Nari & Milani have reunited with Hiisak on "Camino Del Sol." Read on to learn how the guys came to work together and get the story behind their productions.
Working Together
Nari & Milani: We always work with young producers. There are so many producers innovating right now. It’s an incredibly open-minded and creative time. It’s very exciting – and very inspiring! We came to know Hiisak through our dear friend. One day she told us about a really good young producer who we should check out. After that day, Hiisak became a friend and joined the team.
Hiisak: Recently I was lucky enough to be discovered by and meet Nari & Milani who gave me this amazing opportunity. It was a big and important experience for me, which has continued and gotten better everyday! Nari & Milani are very inspirational to me. Their career and experience has helped me to understand a lot. We’ve founded a little Italian team and we work really well together!
Describing the Sound of “Camino Del Sol”
Nari & Milani: “Camino Del Sol” is very fresh. For us it is a kind of hymn to the day. It’s a blessing for a new day, a sunny day. It’s tribal dance that puts you right in a beautiful trance. It swells and swells, holding you captive in its electrifying groove. It’s got an undeniably catchy groove that inevitably sinks you into its rhythm the minute you press play.
Hiisak: It reflects a sound that is a mixture between past and present, with vocals that remind listeners of the past!
Approaching This Production
Nari & Milani: “Camino Del Sol” is the follow up to "The Drums.” We love the tribal groove sound. We just started showing each other the projects we were working on and it clicked. The process was pretty smooth. We all have pretty different musical tastes, but when it comes down to starting an idea or staying engaged with what you’re working on, oftentimes it’s something small like a bass stab or a random musical sample that sparks an idea. Those moments build on each other until you’ve got the beginnings of a track. It’s like a waveform – inspiration is in the air and together we built a summer dance anthem.
Hiisak: We approached it thinking we would create the follow-up to our track "The Drums" released on Sosumi Records. I’m really excited to have it released on Doorn Records. Doorn is one of the most hyped labels nowadays, and I’m very happy to have reached this level.
Using this Track in our Sets
Nari & Milani: During our sets we test a lot of our new tracks. “Camino Del Sol” is like a train of energy!
Fellow DJ Support
Nari & Milani: The support is awesome! For example, David Guetta’s support makes us really happy! And of course we hope to see support from Axwell, Ingrosso, and Steve Angello.They believed in us years ago, and their support always makes us proud.
Hiisak: I'm very proud and happy for the support of big artists such as David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and more.
Other Comments
Nari & Milani: If people love our music then they can join us on this journey! We thought that people can share a photo of one's camino del sol in honor of the summer on Twitter or Instagram using #Caminodelsol.
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