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Mar 08, 2016

Sander van Doorn Discusses Doorn Records and More

Sander van Doorn has been a mainstay in the dance music scene for a long time now. We caught up with Sander after his Doorn Records label night at Echostage and he shared insight into what it’s like working with the artists on his label.
As a dance music veteran, what are the primary changes that you've noticed in the industry over the last several years?
I think every DJ experienced the EDM boom, which has caused many more styles to be separated. EDM is still big these days, but deep house is currently experiencing huge growth. There has always been a lot of buzz around this genre and a lot has changed through the years, but this is normal in the music industry nowadays.

Can you speak to your progression as an artist whose music spans so many subgenres?  
Yes I can relate to that very much, because as an artist you need to adjust yourself to what’s hot at the moment. Because of this, I have developed my skills in different styles over the years. My current style is more into house and progressive, but you never know how the scene is going to change through the years.

Are there any particular reasons why you release many high quality live sets as part of your Identity Radio show?
I release many high quality live sets on my Identity Radio show because I love to supply my fans with the latest sounds, and they actually love it too! :)

How do you discover new music? How do you select tracks for your radio show?
I’m constantly listening to new music, and try to keep my ears open for new sounds. I’m searching on different labels for the latest tracks, and luckily I’m privileged to listen to new tracks before the release date.

What was a set that you heard live, but were not DJing, that was a defining moment for you?
The most defining moment for me was the set of Marco V at Innercity in 2000. This was really amazing. I still remember this as one of the best nights of my life - so much energy, such a great crowd, and an outstanding set by him.

What is it like to have your own record label?
By having your own record label, you constantly are in contact with other (new) producers. This is such a gift because you have the chance to give other producers a stage where they can release their music. There is a big connection between us all.

What do you find most rewarding about having your own record label? What do you find most challenging?
The most rewarding thing about it is that you have the chance to release more and more tracks. The most challenging is to still find that one unique new sound.  So you are really busy with this.

What’s your involvement with artists signed to your label? How are young artists within your label developed?
Well, you give them a chance to develop themselves. You see a lot of young artists who have started with Doorn Records and now doing their own thing. I think this is really important. Young new artists need the support.

Do you go through talent submissions? What do you look for in a production you are listening to for the first time?
I try to listen to them all most of the time. I’m always looking for that one unique sound, as I explained before. But I can’t really explain what I’m looking for exactly. It’s just that one special thing.

Can you talk about your relationship with Tim and Jurre (Firebeatz)?
We all are very close. We did a bus tour together in Canada and made a track together. We had so much fun and besides that, they fit really well in DOORN Records.
Any artists we should be on the lookout for?
You really need to watch Curbi. He is a young, really talented producer. He is from the UK and he’s only 17 years old. He has his own unique sound and his own signature.

How do you think being a mentor for the younger guys on your label has helped your own productions?
A lot! I really get inspired by young producers. A fresh new sound is always good.

Any big plans for 2016?
It’s going to be a big year for me production-wise. There are a lot of singles and collabs coming up. I just released Cuba Libre, and this one is doing really well. And one of the first upcoming collabs is with Gregor Salto and this is going to be released soon. I am also thinking about making a new collaboration album of DOORN Records. I’m very excited for the upcoming year. A lot of new things are coming.

If you could share any advice for young producers, what would you say?
Follow your dreams. And most importantly, stay yourself!

Be sure to catch Sander’s label party if you’re in Miami for MMW on Saturday, March 19th. His Doorn Records Pool Party will feature MOTi, NERVO, Chuckie, and many more artists at the Nautilus Hotel. Tickets are still available!   
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