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Allen Mock On The Rise

Jan 14, 2021
Allen Mock On The Rise
Japanese artist Allen Mock is highly regarded in the bass music scene with the unique twist that he puts on each of his productions. We were excited to catch up with him in our interview where we discussed his epic “Phantom” collaboration with Chow Chow as well as the journey through his career so far and a look at what’s to come from him this year. 
Hey Allen, thanks for joining us! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us about your musical journey so far? When did you start out with production and DJing, and what has your path been like through your eyes to where you are today? 
I'm a producer/DJ from Japan. My real name is Tae Hong Kim, and the name Allen Mock comes from my mother’s Korean restaurant here in Tokyo. I’m originally Korean, but have lived in Japan my whole life. I started DJing around 2014, making mashups, edits and bootlegs and playing them out in Tokyo venues like Vision Sound Museum, Womb Tokyo, and AgeHa.
I decided to pursue music as a career two years later after becoming inspired by listening to RL Grime, Quix, Zeds Dead, and Eprom, just to name a few. Since then, I've been obsessed with creating and combining high energy beats with strange or alien sound design. 
I haven’t looked back at my musical career this way until this interview and I honestly feel surprised that it's already been around five years since starting “Allen Mock.” As an artist I'm constantly chasing sounds and frequencies that are out there, but still make you wanna to dance!
As someone who's known for your IDs, what's it like getting to tease an ID track and generate hype on it before its release?
I love teasing and showing my IDs in general as much as seeing other people teasing theirs! To me, it's a fun way for producers to share their working progress that they are excited about and I think that is a beautiful and dope thing in the EDM community!
As for me, I find teasing IDs as an organic way to generate “hype” because I get to showcase a small portion of something I've worked on and get people to imagine how it would sound on a big sound system. There is something really special and powerful about listening to an unreleased product for a few seconds and letting the listener imagine what it might sound like as a whole. 
Let's jump into “Phantom,” for which you've recently released a new version. Going back to the original, take us through the production process for the track.
Firstly, I was sent stems from Chow Chow, who gave me this high energy sounding acid loop as well as his signature Chow Chow sound (the 2nd drop to “Phantom”) which inspired me to get creative and weird. I wanted something just as weird and original so I started toying around with pitch bend, filter, resonators, and aggressive octave changes on Serum. Afterwards, I froze/flattened all of the synths into samples so I can start creating interesting patterns. From there, the rest is history!
What has it been like seeing “Phantom” become so successful, with support from artists such as Zeds Dead, Jauz, Eliminate and ATLiens and many more artists, and garnering over 10M streams on Spotify and 15K videos on TikTok and counting? 
It really blows my mind that my favorite artists are now playing out my tunes! I'd like to think that I'm a pretty laid back person, but I was going nuts every time I heard my song being played. It really boosts confidence in myself that much more to just keep going; keep making music and growing as an artist! 
As for having 10M streams on Spotify and 15k videos on TikTok; initially it scared me a little bit to see my music go “viral.” However, I'm very thankful and flattered to know that people are interested in listening to my music. Watching videos of people reacting to the “Phantom” drop genuinely puts a smile on my face and that has helped cope with everything that’s been going on in the world this year. 
Do you have any upcoming tracks that you can tell us about? 
All I can say is I have almost 100 unreleased tracks that I’m dying to share with everyone! I have been really pushing myself to explore different sounds and genres to combine them into my own unique expression of music! Weirder and crazier sounding music coming next year.
Thinking back to easier times, what's your favorite festival that you've had the opportunity to attend, and what made it so special? 
That would definitely be EDC Japan 2019. Not only was the lineup intense, but I created the best memories there with the bass music family I grew up with. I was also lucky enough to win the EDC Discovery Project Japan that same year and got the opportunity to DJ on the mainstage! I’m really looking forward to being able to attend festivals and big shows again when it is safe to do so.
What's one goal that you have for yourself for 2021? 
To make the best out of the time we’ve been given. It was a tremendously difficult year for everyone last year, so I wanted to use quarantine time wisely and produce as much music as possible. Every year my aim is to spread the sound of the Tokyo Bass scene to more and more people and showcase what Japan has to offer!
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