Sep 29, 2021

ARTBAT Talk "Flame" & Launch Of Own Label UPPERGROUND

Over the past three years, few artists have played a bigger role in the rise of progressive house and melodic house & techno than ARTBAT. Propelled by their “Return To Oz” and “Keep Control” remixes, as well as their DJ set from Rio De Janiero for Cercle, the Ukranian duo have continued to soar to new heights, peaking at #28 in the Top 101 Producers 2020 with their music seeing support from underground legends and mainstage festival DJs alike! With increased studio time during the pandemic, ARTBAT doubled down on their output and prepared for the launch of their new label UPPERGROUND. With “Flame,” the debut release on their imprint out at the end of last month, it was time to catch up with the guys to celebrate the milestone! 
ARTBAT, thanks so much for joining us, we’re really excited to take a closer look at  UPPERGROUND Records. How’s the response been to the launch of the label through your  eyes? 
Overwhelming. We’re truly stunned by the positive response by the industry, but most importantly by the fans. It has been one of our plans since forever and it’s a pleasant feeling to see it come to life. Absolutely thankful to all our supporters and friends. 
How long had you been working on the concept behind the label and why did you feel that 2021 was the right time to get things going?
The main factor was that during the pandemic we had enough time to work on new music and could really get stuck in head deep in the studio. Searching and working on new ideas daily. Now we feel like we have the right tracks to be presented on our own label. 
Especially after a worldwide lockdown, we want to start and kick off with something fresh and new. It feels like the right time to do so – it’s time to fill life again with colours, bright emotions and new feelings. 
“UPPERGROUND” was such a massive release for you guys previously on Diynamic. Can you tell us some more about the meaning behind the track and label name, and the importance of that word to you? 
The name for the label is all-encompassing. It includes several concepts, emotions, and feelings with which we want associated to our music – flight, dreams, energy, and a musical journey without touching the earth. Also a hint of a mix of underground and spiritual uplift. And of course “UPPERGROUND” on Diynamic was one of these records. 
Talk to us some more about the inspiration and production process behind “Flame.” What made it the right track to kick off the label’s releases? 
The first track on the label is one of our new favourites. It's a mixture of techno and trance, with unusual, interesting moves and a deep breakdown. The track is about love and feelings, and therefore it’s called “Flame.” The name of the track carries the symbolism of fire that flares up inside of everyone with feelings of love, passion, and carries the meaning of explosive experiences. For us, music and love are very close, and often the feelings that we want to convey in music are very close to love. 
We played “Flame” the very first time just before the pandemic started, that was in Thessaloniki at the birthday of Reworks, an incredible show to debut this emotional and big track. So it’s a very important track to us, and also resembles very important moments. The ideal record to kick off the label with. 
What can you tell us about the label’s upcoming music? Can we expect only ARTBAT releases, or do you already have music signed from other artists? 
The music vibe will be a mix of techno, trance, vocals, sometimes house elements, focusing on deep feelings, with bright musical bursts and emotional impressions.  
We want to gather a community on our label that consists of already known and cool artists, and of course also new talented artists. We want the music to unite friendship and atmosphere. 
And to answer your question... Yes we already have signed a couple of really cool tracks.
Are you looking to move into any other spaces, maybe branded events or a party concept? 
Our first ever label showcase will be this NYE in Tulum Mexico. Super happy to invite some of our friends for that show. It’s going to be very special and very exciting for us. Absolutely can’t wait to share beautiful moments with everyone at the showcase. 
You’ve recently been back on tour, which must feel great. What have been a few of the best shows so far and why did they stand out? 
Difficult to explain in words, but it is comparable to ecstasy and a sense of bliss. We played in many new cities and events after the Covid break. During almost all of the sets we felt goosebumps. It’s a feeling you can’t compare with anything else. Sharing our music with an emotional audience is something else. 
There were so, so many really cool shows. Really had some special moments in North and South America, but also in Europe and in our home country Ukraine. 
Are there any big dates circled on your calendar for this fall? 
So many great gigs coming up. Warehouse Project in Manchester (with Eric Prydz) and EDC Las Vegas are two of the many special events that we are looking forward to most. 
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis? 
This is what drives us. This is what fills us with love and emotions. 
ARTBAT - “Flame” is out now on their new label UPPERGROUND:
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