Jan 20, 2021

MIME & GT_Ofice Celebrate "YOUNG HEARTS" ft. LINNEY

MIME & GT_Ofice are back with their second collab, “YOUNG HEARTS,” and we’re celebrating with the duo! After becoming friends at Electric Zoo, the guys hit the studio and came out with their first collaboration, “OUT OF MY HEAD.” Now, 1,000,000 Spotify streams later, they’re back with an outstanding follow-up featuring dazzling vocals from Linney. Already with big support on Sirius XM BPM and Spotify on Friday Cratediggers and from David Solomon aka DJ D-SOL in his editorial Guest List playlist, the track is taking off! Read on to get an inside look at the track, their lives in NYC, and some dream collaborations!
Hey guys, thanks for joining us to celebrate your new single “YOUNG HEARTS”! How does it feel to kick off your year with this release and what made it the right track to start 2021?
It feels great!! We feel like coming out of 2020 we had to set the tone for this year with a positive, fun and energetic vibe! 
Taking things back, do you remember the first time you met? 
We first met at Electric Zoo in 2019 and met up later that week for a studio session where we created “OUT OF MY HEAD”.
As you mentioned, last year you released “OUT OF MY HEAD” together. How was the response to that track?
We have had a ton of support from Spotify and landed on Friday Cratediggers and Dance Rising. R3HAB also showed a ton of love on his playlists. “OUT OF MY HEAD” has over 1,000,000 streams independently! 
What brought you together with Linney to work on your second collab, “YOUNG HEARTS,” and what made her vocal the right fit?
We have always been a fan of Linney, so we reached out to her through Instagram, sent her the instrumental, and the rest is history! 
Can you each highlight your favorite thing about the other?
We are always shooting ideas while in or out of the studio, and we both love traveling! We also love sushi!
Take us through a day in each of your lives right now. What’s your routine like, and how are you maintaining inspiration and creativity with your music?
Right now since everything is closed in New York City, there's not much going on. Our routine is pretty simple… waking up, maybe going for a walk out in nature or the city and hitting the studio all day. Repeating that day in and day out, quarantine has definitely improved our production skills! 
Who are two artists you would each like to collaborate with one day and why?
We would both would love to collaborate with Becky Hill or Annabel Englund for sure. They are so talented!
And as we look ahead, what's on your immediate horizon and what are two goals you guys have for your respective projects in 2021?
We want to keep creating great music that the fans will love and connect with. Hopefully we land on some radio stations and potentially some major editorial playlists! More to come from us in 2021 so be on the lookout! 
You can download/stream MIME x GT_Ofice x Linney - "YOUNG HEARTS" on your platform of choice today! https://mime.ffm.to/younghearts
Connect with GT_Ofice: Website | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter 
Connect with MIME: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/d9385l
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