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100 Episodes of Salto Sounds

Jun 08, 2016
100 Episodes of Salto Sounds
Enjoy learning about Gregor Salto and his radio show while you listen to the special edition 100th epsidode!
How special is it to have reached the milestone 100th episode of Salto Sounds? 
I’m glad we made it! It is really a lot of work to find enough cool tracks to fill a new mix every week. That’s why in the beginning I didn’t want to do it, but with the help of some friends and colleagues, I now manage to come up with a new mix on a weekly basis. Over the years I've gotten great help, especially from Oslo based Funkin Matt, Amsterdam’s finest Melly Mel, amazing drum & bass artist Kwint, and my Dadadam office colleague (Dadadam is the company that runs our labels like G-REX, Moganga, Rimbu, Fjordin, etc.). They have helped me a lot to find the right tracks from the enormous amount of promos I receive, finish mixes when I’m traveling or too busy in the studio, and push me to make the weekly deadlines.
How has the show changed or stayed the same since the first episode? 
Well as a DJ, I always try to evolve with the current sound while keeping my own 'Salto Sounds signature.' As a result, for example, my mixes have become a bit more housey lately since the whole EDM thing is a lot smaller now (oh yeah!) than it used to be. Before it was sometimes difficult to find enough drum, latin, or tropical flavoured tracks, but lately I've been getting so many cool demos. Also for our labels G-REX, Moganga, Latin Loverz, etc., I can pick more and more ‘booty shaking’ tracks instead of just four on the floor straight house.
Do you have a general goal or format/strategy for each episode?
Well, I would love each show to be just like my sets, but that is almost impossible. Every week, my team and I try to find as many cool new (and some old) tracks as possible. Some tracks I repeat in various shows, but still, there is a lot of new music in each episode. Some of those tracks work perfectly on the dancefloor, but some are just cool to listen to while you’re at work or at the gym. I try to give each mix my own flavour: I mix various styles within the ‘house’ genre, I always try to add some sexy, female friendly, tropical (meaning, Caribbean, African, Brazilian, etc.) elements and usually I end the mix with some more banging stuff.
How does the show represent you, your sound, and your taste in music?
It does and it does not reflect me. In my personal life, I have a broader musical interest. At the beginning of my career I was sometimes mixing traditional jazz, salsa, soul and samba tracks with house and other dance genres and that worked well in the small clubs when nobody knew me. But as my artist profile grew and I started doing bigger clubs and festivals, I noticed that most people just wanted the banging shit. So, to be honest, I kind of narrowed down what I would play and made sure there’s always enough ‘energy’ in my sets. And still, personally, I think dance music is about much more than shit face drops. On the other hand, my sets are quite varied (when you compare them with, say, your usual festival headliners) and I have a signature sound. That sound you can also hear in Salto Sounds.
How is Salto Sounds similar or different to your DJ sets?
When I’m DJing I have the crowd in front of me. I never stick to a pre-made setlist because the energy of the crowd makes me decide which track to play next. Although I play similar tracks in the radio show, I mix it at home, so there’s your difference.
Salto Sounds #100

Can you talk about the track selection for this episode?
It wasn’t a long decision process, so perhaps I forgot some tracks that I should've put in. There were the tracks I thought should be in there and then the suggestions from social media. Wow, we got sooo many tracks suggestions from fans! My colleagues Jort and Quint (who help me with my social media, etc.) gave me a list of tracks compiled from fans suggestions and reactions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thanks to everyone for the track suggestions! It feels very nice to see people actually remember the music I produced years ago, so I’m putting in some of my older tracks for sure. We also got some really cool suggestions with some tracks I didn’t know that I'm including in the show!
Anything else about the episode that you’d like to comment on?
Well, I just think it is truly amazing to have people from literally all over the world, Japan to Brazil, South Africa to Canada, Holland to Zimbabwe...listening to my sets. Thank you all!
What artists were inspirational to you when you were starting out? What artists on you closely watching at the moment?
Todd Terry got me hooked on house. I started producing because of his tracks. Then when I started DJing (some years later), Masters At Work, Armand van Helden, Mike Dunn, Ron Carroll, Lil Louis, Erick Morillo, and Roger Sanchez influenced me a lot.
Right now I really like Jimmy Edgar, Shiftk3y, Alex Guesta, Leroy Styles, and Funkin Matt. Cool, groovy, kinda banging, but still elegant club stuff.
What are some of your career highlights thus far?
Wow, there are too many to name. But here’s a few:
- Being on the GRAMMYs stage
- Playing full festivals with Afrojack in India (madness)
- Yesterday I had a crazy street party in Copenhagen
- Being invited and taking over from Todd Terry at his ADE 2015 party. I remember going to the loo just before my set and I hear him on the mic: "Gregor, where are you man? It’s your time to play." The club was small and sweaty, nothing like your champagne rain, jet set clubs, but it was one of the best sets I’ve played (I had to!) and a great feeling of recognition.
Did you ever attend a show as a fan, where afterwards, you knew you wanted to be a DJ/producer for a living?
Not really, I was already DJing as an amateur, but there is a Masters At Work set in Amsterdam (I think in 2003 or so) that comes to mind. Their set was so dope and the room was on fire; I knew I wanted that too.
What does the rest of 2016 look like for you?
Crazy. Apart from the touring, I hope I will have the right inspiration to make more good music and new Salto Sounds of course!
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Michael Calfan - Treasured Soul (Gregor Salto & Michael Calfan Kids Remix) [FREE/SPINNIN']
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Gregor Salto & Kuenta I Tambu - Otro Dia [G-REX]
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Kenny Brian - Aleluya (Bryan Dalton Drums Mix) [SALTO SOUNDS (MOGANGA)]
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DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto ft. The Serafim Crew - Paris Luanda [DEFECTED]
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Miguel O'Syrah - Rhino [SALTO SOUNDS (MOGANGA)]
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DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto vs. Timmy Thomas - We Can't We Canoa (Gregor Salto Mashup)
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Todd Terry ft. The Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (Chris Moody Remix) [SOUND DESIGN]
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Gregor Salto ft. Cidinho & Doca - Rapapa
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Gregor Salto - Verao (Club Mix) [SPRS (SPINNIN')]
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Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners ft. Kylie Auldist - This Girl [BARCLAY]
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Shadow Child - Steak Fingers [FREE]
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Freejak - Don't Wanna Love U
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Gregor Salto ft. Curio Capoeira - Para Voce (2016 Summer Mix) [G-REX]
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Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix) [SPINNIN']
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Dropgun - Together As One [FLAMINGO]
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J Nitti - Deep Down
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The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Chris Lake Bootleg) [REPUBLIC (UMG)]
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Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix) [ISLAND (UMG)]
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Clinton Sparks ft. T-Pain & Ty Dolla $ign - Geronimo (Gregor Salto Remix) [FREE]
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Dr. Kucho! vs. Gregor Salto vs. Lucas & Steve - Love Is My Game [SPINNIN' DEEP]
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Toby Green - Everytime [HEXAGON]
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Evangelisti & Ridwello - Break It Down [BIG & DIRTY (BE YOURSELF)]
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Eden Prince vs. Basement Jaxx - Mermaid Of Bahia [KID COCONUT]
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Sono - Keep Control (Gregor Salto Remix) [KONTOR]
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Carlitos Moreno ft. MC Spyder - Pure Fyah [SALTO SOUNDS (MOGANGA)]
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Divolly & Markward x Drop Department - Bangalore [SALTO SOUNDS (MOGANGA)]
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Wiwek & Gregor Salto - Miami [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
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No Mana - Slow Motion [MAU5TRAP]
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Gregor Salto ft. Thais - Mexer (Acappella) [G-REX]
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Wiwek & Gregor Salto ft. MC Spyder - Trouble [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
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Gregor Salto - Drumology (Big Room Mix) [LEDS]
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Gabe Ramos - Samboodee (Gregor Salto Remix) [NERVOUS]
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Deejay Dario - Con Calma [SALTO SOUNDS (MOGANGA)]
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Wiwek & Gregor Salto ft. Stush - How It Goes [SPINNIN']
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Sander van Doorn & Gregor Salto - Tribal [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
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Yellow Claw & Wiwek ft. Lil Debbie - Pop It [OWSLA]
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Wiwek & Gregor Salto - On Your Mark [G-REX]
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