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Behind the Clapcast Magic

Apr 19, 2016
Behind the Clapcast Magic
Claptone gives us some insight into the weekly radio show, Clapcast, and the preparation behind each week's episode.
Can you describe what you think makes Clapcast stand out from other podcasts?
It's magic.
Do you have a clear goal or objective you try and accomplish each week with your podcast?
My aim is to bring you good music from the Claptone universe every week. A mix of brand new releases, Claptone productions, hidden gems, and long forgotten classics here and there.
How do you select tracks for Clapcast each week?
I get sent a lot of music and on top of that, I keep my ears open for everything interesting happening in the sonic realm.
How do you weigh playing your own songs versus playing songs of other artists?
I love to make music and produce new tracks, so whenever there's something new by Claptone to show you, I'll play it of course. Producing a Clapcast every week though means playing more than enough music of other artists, too.
How much goes into preparing each edition of Clapcast?
I work on it whenever I can: collecting new tracks, thinking about the tracklist, and mixing of course.
How much busier have you been since Clapcast went weekly in November? Is there a particular reason why you switched to a more frequent podcast?
I am 23% busier than before. The reason I switched is because there is so much good music out there, you just have to look for it. Another reason is that radio stations are more likely to broadcast a weekly DJ Mix show compared to a monthly show.
Are there any other radio shows or podcasts that you regularly listen to?
I wish I had the time, but it's a rare occasion. Sometimes I catch a DJ Mix by someone else by chance, for example, in cars of promoters picking me up from the airport.
Do you have a favorite edition of Clapcast?
I love all of them.
How is Clapcast different from a DJ set?
In the Clapcast I can start more mellow, play a slightly broader variety of music, and be a little more eclectic.
Any tricks with your radio show? Do you have a standard formula, or do you mix it up week to week and go with the flow?
If it was standard, it'd be boring. But usually I start slow, funky, chill and then build it up. I have a thing for the surprise element though, the track that you didn't expect, the mix that takes it over the top. Isn't that the spice of life?
There’s obviously a lot of mystery surrounding Claptone - do you feel that this mysterious nature makes its way into the podcast?
Yes. My image translates into sound. Or, to put it the other way around, my very own form of existence reflects in my production as well as in my DJ sets or the Clapcast for that matter.
Can you describe what moods or activities you feel the podcast is best suited for?
I want the Clapcast to be a companion that helps you make your way through the week (hence a new episode drops every Monday). You should be able to listen and feel refreshed on Monday, ready for the long week. But you could also take a break on your couch on Wednesday and relax with my Clapcast after a tiresome day. And of course you should play the Clapcast before you go clubbing on the weekend, to life you up, get in the mood...

Are there any artists or tracks from this week’s episode that you want to highlight?  If so, why?
For me, it's always the mix and not so much the single tracks, but if you put a gun to my head I'd chose Cut Snake from Clapcast #38. Its captures the free spirit of my series as it's more like a sonic journey than a dance track, and I probably wouldn't play it in any of my DJ sets, but it's magic.
If there’s a story behind how any of these tracks made it into the show, can you share it with us?
There are zillions of stories, but they should remain secret. Reason is that they are irrelevant: For you as the listener the real captivating story is the Clapcast itself.
Be sure to check out the latest track from Claptone - Heartbeat feat. Nathan Nicholson.   

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Claptone - Clapcast 38 2016-04-18
Tube & Berger - Set Free [KITTBALL]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
24 Save
Lars Moston - Voyager [TURNBEUTEL]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
2 Pre-Save
Eli Escobar - Visions (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [NIGHT PEOPLE]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
10 Pre-Save
Basti Grub - Let Me Party With You [KITTBALL]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
4 Pre-Save
Dam Swindle - Hows Music [HEIST]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
16 Pre-Save
Claude VonStroke - The Rain Break [DIRTYBIRD]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
60 Save
Sharam Jey & FREY - Yo Baby! [BUNNY TIGER]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
6 Pre-Save
Sneaky Sound System - I Ain't Over You (Doorly Remix) [THEMBI]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
16 Pre-Save
Riva Starr - Can You Feel Sunshine [CAJUAL]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
30 Save
Cut Snake - Magic [WARNER BROS.]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
4 Save
Kizzmo - Everybody [SNATCH!]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
9 Pre-Save
Krankbrother - Circular Thing (Hot Since 82 Remix) [CIRCUS RECORDINGS]
ewwcolton (18.2k)
56 Pre-Save