Aug 06, 2021

Danny Avila Presents Mainstage Techno

On the Tomorrowland Mainstage this year, there were some eye catching debuts, and Danny Avila had arguably the biggest of all! Premiering his new concept Mainstage Techno, Avila brought all of the energy you know him for, but with an underground twist. To celebrate, we’ve got the full audio recording from his Tomorrowland Around The World set. Get ready for a fresh sound featuring tracks from the likes of UMEK, ARTBAT, and Eli Brown, and take a deep dive at the new project, his first Mainstage Techno release, Danny Avila & Crusy’s “Love Tonight” remix, and exciting plans ahead!
Danny, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate the first ever Mainstage Techno set from Tomorrowland Around The World. Talk to us about the inspirations and vision for this new sound and direction for you. How long have you been working on it?
I started working on the Mainstage Techno topic about a year ago, but I decided to not show absolutely anything about it until I was 100% sure the concept was ready and the music too. For me the best way to present new music is at Tomorrowland. Right now I have about 15 finished tracks that I've been working on in the past year. I come from a very different background than most of the EDM artists. I started DJing in Marbella and Ibiza when I was very young and I grew up listening to completely different music than what I am probably known for. So underground music has always been a part of me.
This past year made me think a lot. First of all I figured there was not that much exciting new music to play anymore, but not only that, I also reached a point where I just wanted to do my own thing. I wanted to not care about what the artists are playing before or after me, what trend is popular right now or where in the world I play. I wanted to create my own path. Mainstage Techno is a combination of pure underground sounds but in a more energetic and faster structure. I make sure it has the same energy like the stuff I have always been playing, so it fits my vision on stage, but with a completely different approach when it comes to the sound. It's dark, it's edgy and it's Mainstage. 
When did the idea to do the debut set at Tomorrowland come from and what was the preparation for the set like?
I was told 4-5 weeks before the actual recording that Tomorrowland invited me to play their digital festival, so I had to be fast. I was waiting for the right moment to kick things off and of course there is no better show than Tomorrowland to debut what you have been working on. Luckily I was pretty much ready with everything I wanted to show to the world, and I was just waiting for the right moment, so Tomorrowland’s invitation came at the exactly right point for me.
Can you highlight three artists included and why they stand out to you?
I love these acts at the moment: UMEK, Eli Brown and ARTBAT. Every release is on point and stands out. For me the vibes and the energy are just super amazing!
You dropped a huge remix together with Crusy of “Love Tonight” that really got our attention from the first preview that we heard on your Instagram. Tell us some more about your take.
Funny thing is that I finished this remix more than a year ago. I heard the original song quite a lot last year, but it was not a hit at all yet. I liked it a lot though, so I decided to remix it. For so long I kept it for myself, not really sure what to do with it. But then I thought the track was becoming too much of a hit so I decided to put it out before everybody else was jumping on it, you know? 
You’ve also launched a Mainstage Techno website and Instagram account, and it seems you’re looking to build an all encompassing new brand and concept around the music. Can you tell us some more about your plans?
Yeah, we are working on this a lot and it's so much fun! You know, especially in times like these it feels super good to work on something that feels exciting and fresh. It's really a lot of fun! So many things are in progress and I can't wait to show you more of this exciting journey.
Danny Avila · Shouse - Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix)
How do you envision balancing your time, releases, and DJ sets between this new sound and your more commercial music?
I wanted to take a break now on the more mainstream side. I will of course be releasing singles when I feel it's right, but my main focus will be on Mainstage Techno. I am putting 100% of my energy into this new project and this will definitely be the new Danny Avila. 
And as we look ahead, are there any upcoming tour dates, releases, or excitement that you can share with us?
I wish there would be more normality in regards to touring, but unfortunately it still needs a bit more time. I was very excited for a lot of shows we had confirmed for late summer, but most of those shows have been rescheduled to 2022 again. Nothing we can do about it, I guess. But as I said before, I feel like I was using all of the time I have not been on tour to create something new for me that feels absolutely great. So I am very happy and excited about it. We have like six of the finished tracks signed to a great label already and we're working on the release details. It looks like the first one will officially be released at the end of September.

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This tracklist contains identical tracklist(s) (parts)
Danny Avila Mother & Father Artwork
Danny Avila ft. Bukhu - Mother & Father ARMADA
47 Zinderlong (102.8k)
Eli Brown Fading To Black Artwork
Eli Brown - Fading To Black ARCANE
69 louvankeulen285 (58.7k)
UMEK Vibrancy Artwork
UMEK - Vibrancy 1605
113 louvankeulen285 (58.7k)
Shouse Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix) Artwork
Shouse - Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix) FREE/HELL BEACH
69 VictorGarde (1.3k)
Basstrologe Somebody To Love Artwork
Basstrologe - Somebody To Love SPINNIN' DEEP
36 Guest
Federico Sferra & Jurgen Degener Face Off (Lowshape Remix) Artwork
Federico Sferra & Jurgen Degener - Face Off (Lowshape Remix) GAIN
9 louvankeulen285 (58.7k)
UMEK & Cosmic Boys Evolution Artwork
UMEK & Cosmic Boys - Evolution 1605
114 Guest
Danny Avila Run Wild Artwork
Danny Avila - Run Wild (Acappella) AFTR:HRS
36 Pjanoo (847.6k)
Maddix Activating Artwork
90 louvankeulen285 (58.7k)
Danny Avila No One Else Is You Artwork
Danny Avila - No One Else Is You HEARTFELDT (SPINNIN')
5 dubshakerz (49.2k)
Darude Feel The Beat (Danny Avila Mainstage Techno Remix) Artwork
Darude - Feel The Beat (Danny Avila Mainstage Techno Remix) NEO RECORDS
22 dubshakerz (49.2k)
Hellomonkey & Daniel Nike Run Deep Artwork
Hellomonkey & Daniel Nike - Run Deep IAMT
6 Zinderlong (102.8k)
Space 92 & The YellowHeads Planet X Artwork
Space 92 & The YellowHeads - Planet X RELOAD REC.
115 Zinderlong (102.8k)
Roland Clark I Get Deep (Acappella) Artwork
Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Acappella) S&S
47 Pjanoo (847.6k)
Eli Brown vs. Monolink & ARTBAT - Escape To OZ (Danny Avila Tomorrowland Edit)
3 Zinderlong (102.8k)
Eli Brown Escape Artwork
Eli Brown - Escape FACTORY 93
Monolink Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix) Artwork
Monolink - Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix) EMBASSY ONE
Danny Avila - The Underground
7 sndvl (67.9k)
Asymptone Hyperloop Artwork
Asymptone - Hyperloop DOORN (SPINNIN')
24 sndvl (67.9k)
Planet Funk Chase The Sun (Acappella) Artwork
Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Acappella) BUSTIN' LOOSE
53 Pjanoo (847.6k)
Mark Reeve Geometric (Cosmic Boys Remix) Artwork
Mark Reeve - Geometric (Cosmic Boys Remix) SUBVISION
19 Zinderlong (102.8k)
Danny Avila & The Vamps Too Good To Be True Artwork
Danny Avila & The Vamps ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Too Good To Be True (Acappella) ULTRA
10 ems7nc (6.9k)
UMEK Distinct Operator Artwork
UMEK - Distinct Operator 1605
22 louvankeulen285 (58.7k)
ARTBAT & Sailor & I Best Of Me (Danny Avila Mainstage Techno Remix) Artwork
ARTBAT & Sailor & I - Best Of Me (Danny Avila Mainstage Techno Remix) METAPHYSICAL
10 jam7cv (61.5k)
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