Brockman & Basti M Bring The Summer Feeling

Jul 09, 2020
Brockman & Basti M Bring The Summer Feeling
Brockman and Basti M are longstanding collaborators, and have returned together once again with a summertime gem of a track titled “Everywhere We Go.” The guys discuss their history together, following up last year’s collaboration “Come With Me,” and much more in our interview.
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! When did you first meet, and how did you come to work together on “Everywhere We Go”?
It's our pleasure! Thanks for having us! Wow, that must have been about 15 years ago? We first met in the local record store in Basti's hometown. In 2009 we started working together and released our first official remix: Hook n Sling - “The Best Thing” (Brockman & Basti M Remix). Since then we've been hitting the studio together on a regular basis.
“Everywhere We Go” is the follow-up to last year's single “Come With Me,” which kind of started a new era for us. These tunes are way more radio-compatible compared to our previous productions. But thanks to the amazing remixes by Isek & Blaikz and Sans Souci, we won't disappoint the club DJs, we think! ;-)
You guys have worked together a bunch of times over the years. What do you like about working with one another? What do you think is the other's best trait in the studio?
Matthias (Brockman) is definitely the studio mastermind. He just knows every trick in Steinberg's Cubase DAW and all the VSTs. Basti has a very good vision when it comes to song creation and arrangement. At the end of the day we're just a good team!
Can you tell us about the production process for “Everywhere We Go” and how you took the track from the initial idea to the final production?
Well, once again we teamed up with the songwriter team which had previously created the idea for “Come With Me.” They had a rough demo of “Everywhere We Go” and we built the final track around it.
“Everywhere We Go” also features an awesome music video! What was the inspiration for the video?
Our label TONSPIEL actually got in touch with that video guy from India via Fiverr, if we're not mistaken. As he had done a couple of cool projects for the label before, it was kind of an obvious decision to let him take care of the video. It conveys the summer feeling just perfectly and is exactly what we needed for this track!
While times are really tough around the world, especially for artists, what has been one positive experience or takeaway for you from the past few months?
Obviously we miss touring a lot, but we’ve been using the gained time for creating loads of new music which is awesome! You'll be hearing results very soon!
Who are some artists that you're currently drawing inspiration from and paying close attention to? What is it about their music that's pulling you in?
That's a hard one! There are so many outstanding artists. In our opinion one of the most important things is to stay open-minded. We like to listen to nearly all kinds of music. Matthias is a big fan of trance and loves Armin van Buuren's 'A State Of Trance' radio show, for example. Basti on the other hand couldn't live without classic house and disco! Defected's 'Glitterbox' brand is a huge inspiration for him and also the soundtrack of countless hours in the office. But it doesn't end there: you'll find everything from rap to drum 'n' bass or even German pop music in our private Spotify playlists. All of that is inspiring and finding its way into our music.
What's your favorite show that you ever attended as a fan (in any genre), and what makes this show stand out for you?
Probably Avicii's show at Festhalle in Frankfurt on the Main, here in Germany back in 2014. That vibe, those magnificent visuals and of course his unforgettable music – everything was just perfect.
What does the rest of the year look like for you? Any new music that you can tell us about?
Basti is about to release a new solo compilation on all digital platforms at the end of this month: CLUB SESSION – mixed by Basti M. Furthermore, we can announce that there is a Brockman x Basti M album coming and we're super excited about it. Keep an eye on our socials!
You can stream or download "Everywhere We Go" on your platform of choice today!
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