Late Night Alumni's Love Song

Mar 16, 2017
Late Night Alumni's Love Song
Late Night Alumni have a unique style founded upon their musical roots and downtempo house. The talented duo consisting of Becky Jean Williams and John Hancock have found both underground and commercial success over the course of their careers as Late Night Alumni. Their brand new single, “Love Song,” is a collaboration with Kaskade that features soothing vocals from Becky on top of relaxing piano keys and an acoustic guitar melody. Get the lowdown on what it was like working on this track and share in their excitement for what is poised to be a big 2017 for the pair.
What was the initial inspiration and idea for “Love Song”?
John: It’s always been a joke between us that Becky tries to avoid the word “love” in her lyrics. So I thought that maybe she would like a more melancholy idea of a “love song.” So I basically sent her a melody with just that line sung: “I’ll never be a love song” and she built the rest of the lyrics around that. I tricked her, basically.
Becky: Most of the melody idea John sent me was him singing gibberish. “I'll never be a love song” was the only line that stood out as actual language. But I really liked the idea of “being" a song...or not being one.”
What was the songwriting process like and how did the vocals factor into the production?
John: I came up with some basic chords and melody and then gave it to Becky to finish writing. We then all met up at Kaskade's studio where he and Finn moved the melody around and we finished the production and mixing together. Vocals are always key in any LNA song. We always feel that so long as Becky is singing, it’s a Late Night Alumni track regardless of the production style.
You recently hit a big milestone – 5 years since your first show. What has the journey been like for you guys from then to now?
Becky: As far as performance goes, the biggest difference is confidence. Something that can only come from experience. We love playing and traveling.
And of course you can see Ryan (Kaskade) in the videos from that first show! So having known and worked with Ryan for many, many years, what’s your favorite thing about him in the studio? What about outside of the studio?
John: Ryan’s instincts of what’s “working” in the studio is worth everything. If he likes what’s happening, we’re confident we’re all on the right track. Outside (and inside) the studio he’s a generous, great friend. And really, really funny...
Can you talk to us a little bit about what your live show consists of currently and how you see “Love Song” making its way into your club sets? Looks like you may have some cool remixes coming too (from Myon and others)?
John: We’ve yet to play “Love Song” live, and hearing the different remixes is always a great way to get ideas for different ways to perform a song. Coming up with live arrangements is always fun because we feel we take liberties, changing things around constantly. Keeps it interesting for us. And yes, Myon’s huge remix is great! We have a couple more coming from Kaskade and BROHUG, as well as new remixes coming for our other song, “Only For Tonight.”
Any big plans for this year that you can share with us?
Becky: Our plan is to put out much more music in a year than we have in the past and to do more shows. We took a bit of a break in 2016, but we are ready to get back on stage.
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