CID's 'Actin' Fake' Exclusive Mix

Nov 30, 2020
CID's 'Actin' Fake' Exclusive Mix
CID is at it again! The ultra talented New York based producer is back with another addicting single, and has already racked up multiple #1 chart placements on 1001Tracklists with “Actin’ Fake.” To celebrate, he’s recorded a special Exclusive Mix live from Queens, New York in collaboration with our friends at DNA Stream. In his interview, we look closer at the production, the development of his label Night Service Only, and reflect on some of his favorite all time shows and career defining moments.
Your new single “Actin’ Fake” is out now on NSO! The track has big vocals from Charlie Vox & Cinélu, what do you like most about them? How’d they fit into the production process – did you have the vocals first or track sketch first?
This was an interesting one. My first ever writing session in LA was in 2105 with Cinélu, she's an awesome writer and artist. For the session she brought some of her friends to co-write, one of them being Curtis Richardson, and we all hit it off. Nothing came of those songs, but we kept in touch, and Curtis lives in the New York area, so we got in the studio a few times since that session. The last time Curtis came to the studio, I asked him if he had any other acappellas he had written, and he played me this rap vocal that became “Actin’ Fake.” Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good vocal sample, and this being a fully original vocal, made the whole process so much easier. I got inspired right away and made this cool little track behind it, and sent it to Curtis, Charlie Vox and Cinélu. They loved it, and really pushed me to get it done so we could release it!
The track has quickly shot up the charts on 1001, hitting the #1 Trending Track spot, as well as picking up the top spot as the most pre-saved track by users. You’ve found a really signature groovy sound at the intersection of tech and bass house that resonates with artists and fans alike! How do you think “Actin’ Fake” is another good representation of that style?
Yes for sure! It kind of all stems from what I did on the track “No!” Just a moving bassline, with minimal melody, but the vocal and pumping drums carrying it. Having a great vocal to work with obviously helps make the music reach more people. And it’s been amazing to see it connect on the streaming platforms, but at its essence it’s mainly made for dancefloors. It’s also just fun to make this style, and always work in my sets whether, it’s a club or festival!
What has it felt like working on records that were made for the dancefloor without the ability to test them live and see your tracks in action?
This is my daily dilemma haha!  There’s so many memories of shows that I keep locked in my head. Even when I’m not able to play in a club, I just try to visualize the feeling of being there, and try to use that to help guide me to what will end up working in a track. Best part is I can do it in my underwear hahaha! It’s definitely an odd time to be releasing straight dancefloor tunes, but I made a conscious decision to hold off till next year, hoping touring will kick back up. I think club music and touring goes hand in hand, so it's definitely a bit of a waste to crank out a ton of club tunes when things are still shut down, but regardless of that get ready for A LOT of new music coming next year!!!
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, can you highlight three additional tracks or artists included and why they stand out?
Besides like three songs, everything in this mix is unreleased music either by me, or coming out on my label Night Service Only. I don’t want to give away too much about those IDs, you know I like to keep you guys guessing haha! But, I definitely want to highlight up and coming New Yorker Westend. We got in the studio a couple times over the past year, and cranked out some amazing music. There’s two IDs from us in this mix, one of them is “Jumpin’” that we sampled the classic Todd Terry tune “Keep on Jumpin.”
I’m also working on a couple tracks with Sage Armstrong, I played one of those in the set. He’s just such a creative artist, and the vocals he sent me were insane. I’m really excited to get those out next year!  
Also, there’s this dancefloor weapon that’s coming out on NSO from NY producers Truth x Lies… It’s called “Work.” Definitely be on the lookout for that one!!
Without shows in recent memory, we thought it would be nice to reflect a bit. Could you highlight one or two of your favorite all time gigs?
Hands down my favorite gig was my first time playing one of the main stages at EDC Las Vegas in 2016.  I never really get nervous playing shows, but I remember being nervous for that one. But once I was up there, that all went away. EDC is definitely the biggest platform to break artists, and that set really helped me grow on the west coast. For about a year, I had people coming up to me at gigs saying they discovered me at EDC and that’s why they came to my club show.
Another great one was the first time I played in Halcyon in San Francisco. It’s more of an underground club, and my music is kind of in this middle ground, but they took a chance on me, and I ended up playing a four hour set, and I don’t think I played any of my own music haha! It was just such a vibe, the people in San Francisco really get dance music.
And looking back a bit more, what are some moments that you feel have defined your trajectory as an artist throughout your career?
I think there were a few different songs that really defined me as an artist, the first was probably winning the grammy with Cedric Gervais for the “Summertime Sadness” Remix. I was always insecure about my productions, and that was the moment that I felt I was definitely good enough to stand out as an artist myself.
The second has to be when I collabed with Don Diablo on the track “Got Me Thinkin.” That one REALLY opened up doors for me. When that came out, Steve Angello and Tiësto followed me on Twitter, and I knew that was the opening for me to send them music for their labels.
And I think the last would be releasing my track “No!” That one really broke through for me as a solo artist, and opened up a ton of doors, and got me touring in places I didn’t even know my music was connecting in. The crazy part is I almost released it as a free download. I sent it to Tiësto, and he really encouraged me to get the sample cleared and do it as an official release on his label Musical Freedom. It took almost a year, everyone almost gave up on the clearance, and then we finally got it!
We’re now also almost one and half years into the launch of your label Night Service Only. How has that experience been for you? How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist? 
NSO has always been about just releasing fresh club music. It’s been amazing to watch it grow release to release, and seeing more and more artists hitting me up with demos for the label. I’ve had a good amount of knowledge on how labels work from the releases I’ve done on other labels, but it’s been a real learning experience to be behind the label, and be able to help new artists showcase their music. It’s also been great to focus more of my attention on the music itself, with Spinnin' as a partner, handling the admin / distribution for the label, and Daniel Bisbing from my management helping me execute everything for the label.
As people in all industries, but especially in the electronic dance music world, seem to fight a daily challenge to find creativity and positivity in their lives, do you have any advice to share for those struggling to find both productivity and balance?
It’s hard for sure. It’s easy to just get distracted and find something else to do other than be productive. I think it comes down to loving what you do. If you really love making music, make it, but don’t force yourself. There’s so many different aspects to producing that you can build on, even when you aren’t feeling super inspired. Comb through new sample libraries, watch tutorials, try new plugins. Often, it’s experimenting with new plugins that leads to getting a sound or idea that ends up inspiring a whole track. As far as balance, I think now is a time to really dive into whatever you are passionate about. There are just fewer distractions, and more time to really develop as a producer and artist.
Finally, what can we expect from you in the near future? Anything cool that you’re working on that you can share with us? 
I’ve been making music for one of the big TV networks. I can’t really share much more, other than it’s completely different than anything I’ve really made before. It’s been a really fun challenge, and really exciting to be able to get out of my comfort zone and make music that people don’t expect I would make. I’m wrapping it up now, and I’m super proud of what I made! On my artist side of things, I have a ton of music ready to go, some on my label, and some on more underground labels that I’m excited to team up with!
You can download/stream CID ft. Charlie Vox & Cinelu - "Actin' Fake" on your platform of choice today!
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