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Jul 13, 2020

Get To Know Melleefresh

We caught up with Melleefresh as well as her collaborators on the brand new anthem “Mamita” out now on Play Records. The artists go in depth discussing how the track came to life, and Melleefresh provides perspective on the journey of her career so far! 
Hey Melleny & Jerome, thanks for joining us today! When did you first meet and how did you come together to work on “Mamita”? 
Jerome Robins: We met back in 2008. I was living in Vancouver at the time and came back to Toronto for a quick visit. I met Mel at a Starbucks to chat about some remixes. She offered to make me matzo ball soup and the rest was history.
Melleefresh: Jerome and I met back in 2008 when he did some remixes for me on some freshmau5 tracks (Melleefresh and deadmau5). 
NHB – can you tell us about the techno elements In “Mamita”?
NHB: We were making this tech house track, using Ableton Live, Play Deep’s TR-909 and the Korg Monopoly. We did this just after ADE in 2016 and then it sat till Mellee played it for Jerome and he said, “I know how to make this POP!!!” In 2020, sometimes it takes a while, especially with a few chefs in the kitchen, to get a track completed. Four years later, VOILA… “Mamita”!
Jerome – what was the production process like for you, and how did you work on pairing the track with Melleny's vocal?
Jerome Robins: The vibe was already established with what NHB had created. What I did was take the sounds and FX that they created and added some “juice” to them making it more upbeat & club friendly.
Melleny – can you tell us about where this vocal idea came from and how it works with Jerome's production? 
Melleefresh: I was in London at Play Deep Studios. Valerio and Feddie (NHB) were just finishing up some classes at Play Deep School, and we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to lay down a track or two after talking about it at ADE in 2016. 
We did one and then the guys said Mellee, can you speak Spanish… I said of course! Sooo how about doing a song in Spanish we discussed the idea of a crazy ghetto gangsta runaway cowgirl bride that loves to party and came up with “Mamita”! The image of the character is on the cover. 
Todos los que quiere la mamita
Es una rachita
All the mommy wants
It's a streak
Melleefresh · Jerome Robins vs Melleefresh / Mamita (Original Mix)
Can you tell us about your musical influences growing up and getting started with a career in music? Who are some artists who you're paying close attention to currently? 
Melleefresh: Growing up I was a huge fan of all the dance disco divas, from Donna Summers to Nile Rogers and Chic, but watching Dimitri from Paris performing in a tuxedo mashing up old school movie soundtracks with loungey house gave me tons of inspiration. 
Right now I’m lovin Doja Cat and her cross between pop, hip hop and old school disco music in her track “Say So.” 
A Vancouver artist that I have on heavy rotation is Quanah Style, who’s a trans vocalist and diva performer. She’s been doing it to death lately, with new tracks on Play Records  and a fabulous duet I wrote with her and Boy Pussy on Wet Trax called “Come Inside My House.” 
Also Grimes is such an amazing visual artist. Her videos are stunning. And then there’s Brooke Candy – I love what she’s doing musically and visually. Soooooo many strong female performers out there right now!
Thinking back to the good old days of live music, what's your favorite show that you've ever attended as a fan? What made it so special? 
Melleefresh: I used to do a Bubbalicious lounge in Toronto as a Las Vegas showgirl hostess, with an 8-piece band and about 20 different performers. Peaches came and did a version of “Stairway To Heaven” that was to die for. She couldn’t get arrested in Toronto and left to seek her fortune in Berlin, but we have kept in touch over the years and I’ve watched her career grow in leaps and bounds. She is an ultimate musician, producer, director, visual artist, and performance artist. Her genres are electroclash, electropunk, alternative, hip hop, synthpop, alternative dance, dance punk, punk rock, and erotic caberet... you never know what to expect.
I last saw her in London in 2015 – she was crawling around an inflatable giant condom. Her backup dancers were in bondage outfits wearing headdresses that looked like giant clams, and her outfit was covered in multiple breasts. It was amazing and shocking. People were dancing in a frenzy and she throws herself into the crowd standing on top of whoever is there to hold her up. Fearless and magical, the energy in the room was sooo exciting 
The special thing for me was after the show she told someone to bring me backstage and she was excited to see ME. We had a glass of champagne and chatted a while. I wanted to bring her back to the studio so we could do a session together, but she was off to her next gig in another country. She’s the same person and friend I’ve always known!
Do you have any new music that you're working on and can tell us about? 
Melleefresh: Jerome and I have another single coming soon on Play Records named “Secrets.” Sort of a deep tech groover with haunting undertones.
I’ve been doing a Melleefresh radio show on 1001Trackists and just completed episode 5.
I have a new Pandemic Party album that has a powerful message about togetherness and unity with hopeful lyrics and an upbeat production – a combo of disco house and classic house. It’s due out in August or September 2020  
I also have a vinyl digital EP with DJ Genderfluid out in October 2020, which is hard house. I haven’t done vinyl in ages. 
During COVID and hibernation, I’ve been writing a lot of new songs and have been trying to master recordings of my own vocals on just simple software like GarageBand or Adobe Audition. It’s been a big learning curve for me. I’m so spoiled having my own studio Play Deep UK. 
And lastly, while times are really tough globally, and especially for artists, what is something that has you excited in the months ahead? 
Melleefresh: I’m truly excited about getting all dressed up again, doing a listening session top down while cruising in my car. All of my new music at full blast. Then stopping in some vacant parking lot, jumping out of the car and having a random dance party, videotaping the whole process and it goes viral ….that would be FUN!
You can stream or download "Mamita" on your platform of choice today! https://fanlink.to/PD5395
Connect with Melleefresh: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/cpypnb

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