Feb 17, 2020

Discover GT_Ofice

Today we’re excited to showcase a new talent coming out of New York City, GT_Ofice. Embracing a feel good music mantra, his first two releases have delivered on that promise with standout vocalists/collaborators Amber and xoxomyah. Read on to get the inside scoop on his sound, influences, upcoming music and much more!

Caine, thanks for joining us today, we’re really excited to catch up with you! Can you introduce yourself and your new project for those who may not be familiar? How long have you been producing music and how long has the GT_Ofice project been a dream of yours?
Hi, my name is GT_Ofice. I live in NYC. I started producing music about two years ago and I released my first track November 1st, 2019 called “Live My Life” featuring Amber. I have been DJing professionally for about four years. Being in the music industry has been a dream of mine. I enjoy creating beats and feel good music for all to hear.
Talk to us about some of your musical influences – what was your exposure to electronic music growing up and who are some artists who you currently look up to?
I was introduced to EDM music about ten years ago and never looked back. Martin Garrix and EDX have been my musical influences and two individuals I look up to.
Let’s dive deeper into your release “Stay The Night.” How’d you and xoxomyah get connected to work on the track? What was the workflow like?
A mutual friend introduced xoxomyah and I together and that’s how the collaboration started. We spent long hours and multiple days in the studio trying to make the perfect love track. It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with other like minded artists.
What do you like most about her voice and vocal? Are there any other elements in the track that are particularly special to you?
Myah’s voice and vocals are a crossover between dance and pop. Her voice sounds whimsical and euphoric. “Stay the Night” is the essential track that showcases the feel good vibe I’m going for. It’s meant to lift you up and make you fall in love.
We’ve seen you together with MIME a lot and videos of him supporting your tracks live as well! Talk to us some more about your friendship.
MIME and I met at Electric Zoo and since have became really close friends and have traveled all over the U.S. together. I look forward to hopefully opening for MIME when he goes on tour in 2020.
We also heard that you’re sitting on a load of unreleased tracks, so can you share some more about what sound(s) we may be hearing from you in 2020?
The majority of my tracks are progressive house for the festival vibes, but I’m also going to throw some deep house in the mix for the trendy nightclubs. I have about five unreleased tracks I am currently trying to match with the perfect vocalists.
Do you hope to turn this project into a touring DJ project as well? What would the sound of your DJ sets be like?
Yes, I plan to be on tour once I have a few more tracks completed. I usually play a mixture of mainstream EDM artists and will throw a track or two of mine in the set.
In the short term, what’s the anticipation and build up to Miami Music Week like for you? And as we look ahead to the rest of 2020, can you share a few goals for the project that you’d like to achieve?
From now till Miami Music Week I will be in the studio making more beats and finding vocalists to pair with my tracks. I would like to play in multiple festivals globally and go on tour soon!
Connect with GT_Ofice: WebsiteSoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter 
short link 1001.tl/cpwwzu
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