1001Tracklists Presents: Resistance @ Ultra Music Festival Preview

Mar 17, 2017
1001Tracklists Presents: Resistance @ Ultra Music Festival Preview
Resistance. It’s become a massive movement and packing what might be Ultra’s most intriguing lineup for any subset of genres. With Carl Cox helming the Megastructure and Arcadia bringing the sprawling Spider with techno fire for all three days, the names on the lineup pop up out as some of the most impressive in their part of the industry.
Many on the Resistance lineup differ from the rest of Ultra’s lineup in that they generally fall across the aisle from what’s more and more commonly being referred to as producer-DJs. Producer-DJs are artists who put an emphasis on production over DJing in the early parts of their careers. The rise of EDM birthed a lot of aspiring producers, many of whom became proficient producers at an early age, attracting attention and touring interest, and then later improving upon their DJing skills after they begin touring.
Conversely, the Resistance crew tend to have worked their way up first and foremost as DJs. When the booking fees were less exorbitant and EDM wasn’t quite as popular, these DJs were attracting significant interest, and many have been doing it for a long time now. There is good reason that they drew such attention and equally good reason for why they remain at the top of techno, tech house, or whatever you view their genres.
These are the men and women who are renowned for their own productions, but equally known for finding hidden gems and taking audiences on an unexpected journey that can’t be replicated. These artists are most definitely harder to tracklist, but in their world and in the eyes of those attracted to their styles of music, that idea is of the utmost importance, and precisely why they are looked to as pioneers of the industry.
Sticking to our theme of previewing artists that have seen success with their productions that’s now leading to success as a touring DJ, we have chosen to highlight a few of the artists who have seen great success with their recent productions and bring intriguing sets to the table at Ultra.
It would behoove us not to mention Carl Cox first and foremost, as his success over the years is one of the driving factors behind the vast presence of Resistance at Ultra. The Miami New Times did a great job of highlighting what Cox has meant to the Resistance brand, which has consistently expanded and now become a major focal point of the Ultra brand. Carl Cox at the head of the Megastructure for two of the three days is a big deal. It is in many ways the most impressive of Ultra’s massive stages all packing incredible production capacity. With Carl Cox driving the car, those who strap in for the ride are guaranteed to leave thoroughly satisfied each night. You can catch Carl Cox at 10pm on Friday and Saturday night destroying the Megastructure.
Kölsch is an artist who has been crushing it with his productions over many years, and drawing more and more attention with one gem after another. He has many highly supported and acclaimed tracks over the years including “Goldfisch” and “Opa,” and “Grey” was one of the most remarkable tracks to come out of 2016. Our eyes are firmly fixed on the Arcadia Spider at 3:30 on Saturday, where he brings an ever intriguing take on techno into his sets.
Switching gears, Stephan Bodzin is known for many famous productions like “Powers Of Ten” and his remix of Pan-Pot’s “Sleepless,” but he’s most famous for a completely unique live setup that is an incredible feat in modern electronic music. Check out a Boiler Room set from him to get a taste of what he’s doing when he performs, and if you’re impressed by what you see, then the Arcadia Spider at 6:30 on Sunday is where you’re going to want to be.
Hot Since 82 has watched his Knee Deep In Sound brand continue to grow, and he’s been more than keeping up with his own productions. His recent remix of Joe Goddard’s “Music Is The Answer” has already earned significant attention from fellow DJs and is sure to be heard in many sets in the months to come. Head over to the Arcadia Spider by 8:55 on Friday to see what Hot Since 82 will do with the fire breathing Spider.
Their is a duo on the Resistance lineup that will draw plenty of attention from the crowd who have been interested in the scene for many years. This duo is of course Sasha & Digweed, who will perform a 2 hour set right before Carl Cox at the Megastructure Saturday at 8pm. Sasha and Digweed released a triple CD in 1994. Their set is one of the more intriguing sets on the entire lineup as they bring their brand of progressive to the Megastructure on Saturday night.
All Photos: Sarah Ginn/Getty

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