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Dirty South's 'Just A Riff' Exclusive Mix

Feb 05, 2021
Dirty South's 'Just A Riff' Exclusive Mix
Progressive maestro Dirty South kicked off his year with the release of the fantastic “Just A Riff.” A collaboration with his neighbour EDDIE, it’s another slice of progressive heaven from the Serbian-Australian star. To celebrate, he brought us 60 minutes ready to get you on the dancefloor featuring big cuts from Cristoph, Yotto, Jan Blomqvist alongside new IDs, bootlegs, and exclusive edits. Read on for an inside look at Dirty South’s love of melodies, recent releases and 2021 plans!
Dragan, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate “Just A Riff”! Let’s take things back to the start – when did you first meet EDDIE or hear his music? What was your impression?
Eddie and I met online and then quickly realised we are neighbours. He lives literally a few minutes from my studio. We also have the same country background so we connected on that level immediately. He is a really lovely guy and has a really good feel for melodies.
From there how did you guys build a relationship and what made “Just A Riff” the right track to come together to collaborate on? How do you think you’ve found a nice balance between your sounds?
Because we live so close together it was very easy to get together in the studio and start jamming on some ideas. Sometimes he would send me little snippets online and ideas would flourish from there and then back and forth. That’s how “Just A Riff” started. I feel like we both wanted to make something groovy, but always with a touch of melodic, so it always felt quite natural. We weren’t really thinking about anything in particular as far as how our sounds would merge or balance, we just let the idea guide the final outcome.
Over the past few years we’ve really seen a resurgence in the progressive and melodic house music scenes, and only expect that to continue in this period without shows. What’s your take on where the genres are at?
I’ve always been a sucker for melodies and riffs so I’m quite happy that there are a lot of producers making melodic stuff. I feel like the melodies and chord progressions will always be around, it’s just a matter of presenting those ideas in new interesting ways, whether it’s cool sound design or arrangements or something completely fresh and unheard of. I’m quite impressed with some of the music coming out on Lane 8’s label. Really interesting stuff!
Last year you had the opportunity to be one of the first Spotify mint singles releases. How did the opportunity come about and what was the release like?
The Spotify mint opportunity was really cool because Spotify got behind the song and gave it a big push which of course results in a huge exposure and millions of plays. It came through management, and Spotify had even bigger plans for it, but of course the whole world got hit by the pandemic so we had to scale down some of the things. Overall it was a great experience and opportunity to be part of that series.
Throughout the past ten months you shared a lot of really cool sneak peeks and clips from your studio. Where have you been drawing inspiration from over this time? What has it been like without a dancefloor to test your music on?
I must say in the beginning I thought the pandemic would be a great time to be stuck in the studio and make lots of music, but it kind of didn’t work out like that. I really feel like we need the dance floors to test all the music we make. It is the ultimate test where you can see if the track is working or not. So I cannot wait to get back to it all when the world is safe and ready to dance.
Can you share anything about your release plans for 2021? After releasing darko and XV in 2018, do you think you’ll ever release another album? 
I have a few tracks that I’ve finished, and they will probably be released this year. I’m not making any huge definitive plans as far as releases until we start to see some light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. I definitely love doing albums and I can see myself putting one together, it’s just the time has to feel right.
You finally played your first show back in Brisbane at the end of December (check out the closing!). How was the show? What was the experience like stepping back on stage again?
That was a really nice experience to be back on stage again after all this time. Show was fantastic with an amazing crowd and I felt really lucky to be able to perform again in front of people. I really hope we all get to go back to this very soon. 
And as we look ahead, how are you keeping yourself motivated and on track?
I’ve been spending a lot of time with family which has been really nice. I’ve toured for the last 15-20 years, so in a way, it was nice to take a break and get a little grounded. I’ve recently taken up learning piano again after thinking about it for 15 years and that has been a real treat to get stuck into really hard and see the progress.
Dirty South & EDDIE - Just A Riff is available to stream/download on your platform of choice today!
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Dirty South & EDDIE - Just A Riff [TESER]
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Dirty South - Viggo
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Fairchild - Touch The Sun (Nox Vahn Revisit) [ANJUNADEEP]
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Dirty South - The Grand Swell
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Yotto & Cassian - Inter [ODD ONE OUT]
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Dirty South vs. RÜFÜS DU SOL - Corda vs. Innerbloom (Dirty South Private Bootleg) [SWEAT IT OUT! / PHAZING]
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Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist - Packard (Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist Sunrise Mix) [PRACHT]
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Tiësto & Dirty South - Its Too Late vs. Blue (Dirty South Bootleg)
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