Tom Swoon Talks "Atom" & Tape Me Radio

Apr 15, 2017
Tom Swoon Talks "Atom" & Tape Me Radio
It was only around a month ago when videos from Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s NYC Terminal 5 shows surfaced showing the iconic DJs playing a reworked version of the iconic Nari & Milani track “Atom.” After also being included in the Spinnin’ Records Miami 2017 – Night Mix, the artists and origins of the new version of “Atom” were widely guessed at. The hype grew as Miami Music Week came and again Axwell /\ Ingrosso dropped the track, this time in their headlining Ultra Music Festival set. Over the last two weeks the track has since racked up incredible artist support and the artists behind the new version of “Atom” have been revealed as Tom Swoon & Teamworx. Tom joined us to discuss the new version as well as break some exciting plans for the future – his rebranding and relaunch of Lift Off Radio as Tape Me Radio.
How did the chance to rework “Atom” come about? Did you feel nervous or extra pressure taking on such an iconic and defining track in dance music?
I really wanted to bring this track back to the dancefloors, so I reached out to Nari & Milani. When I received the stems, I truly realized it’s a really big responsibility to tackle such a modern classic, so yeah, the pressure was there!
You and Teamworx really knocked the rework out the of the park too! Can you talk a little about what working together was like and how you felt you’ve brought the track into the present day?
Oh thanks! Working with Teamworx was amazing, I really love their grooves and teaming up with them on this one felt like it was meant to be! I am really happy with the end result we achieved and it’s such a rewarding feeling to see how great the response is.
The track has already picked up HUGE plays by artists like Axwell /\ Ingrosso! What has the reception been like in your own sets?
For past few weeks “Atom” was my intro track and it’s really crazy how it sets the bar for the rest of the set. And from my point of view it seems like people loved it too!
Can you talk a little about why you’ve decided to rebrand your radio show?
I felt that with electronic scene shifting and evolving, the name Lift Off Radio was not so current and relevant to what I’ve played on the show recently. And why Tape Me Radio? Well, just wait and you’ll see ;)
Will we see a shift in the musical direction of the show with the rebranding?
As I mentioned above, I have already started playing a bit more diverse material on Tape Me Radio, and that trend will develop. As a fan of all kinds and genres of music, I wanted to reflect that on the show and bring some freshness instead of just blasting big room for 60 minutes.
Can you highlight a few tracks from the first episode, why they stand out, and how they are a good representation of the new direction the show is going?
The ‘warmup’ tracks like “Run” by Offaiah and the 'Demo Tape' from Unknown Brain are definitely some tunes worth pointing out. The warmup is a softer way of starting the show while the Demo Tape gives an insight on some fresh talent among various genres.
You can buy or stream Tom Swoon & Teamworx – “Atom” on your platform of choice today! 
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