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Sep 02, 2021

On The Rise: Azael

Today Azael joins us again to discuss all of the latest happenings for him this year. While he's still relatively new to music production, his skills have been taking off, as evidenced by the massive DJ support and streaming numbers that he's been enjoying. His latest release is "Maremoto" on In My Opinion, and before that it was "Ascension" on Intensity which marked his first track to receive more than 100K streams. Azael tells us about both of these tracks and more as he shares his excitement about everything going on, including a huge virtual festival set right now! 
Hey Azael, great to have you back again! How has everything been going for you so far this year, and what have been some of your highlights in 2021?
Wow, what a fantastic year. I didn't expect last year when I started releasing some bootlegs that I would be in this place today. I've already released six tracks with big support and more incoming. This year was about signing and finishing a lot of tracks I started last year and the results are just insane.
Your recent release, a collaboration together with Skarleth titled "Ascension," has seen some fantastic DJ support from the likes of W&W, DVLM and many more artists. What does seeing this support mean to you?
Man not gonna lie, a few years ago W&W's track "Invasion" saved my life, and since then I've been following their career. I had the chance to meet them twice in these years and getting support from them is probably one of the best things in my life. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike support was incredible too, they are also a big reference in big room and I'm glad they liked the track. SaberZ started this thing with his support in their Rave Culture livestreaming and also KEVU helped a lot with advice, I'm super grateful to them.
Intensity Recordings · Skarleth & Azael - Ascension
Additionally "Ascension" just broke 100K streams on Spotify. What does that milestone mean to you?
WOW! People supported this one for real. Intensity Recording's owner, Chris Lao, was amazed by it. He truly believed that the track was great and I'm happy to see how people are supporting "Ascension" so hard! Thanks to all of you!!
As you've been crossing off some major accomplishments this year in terms of DJ support and streaming, what are your next goals as an artist?
Big question. Right now I'm focusing on pushing more with a lot of new tracks that I have on the way, because my next goal is signing on Rave Culture for sure. · Maremoto
You've got a brand new track about to come out on Orjan Nilsen's In My Opinion imprint titled "Maremoto." Can you tell us about this one? What was it like taking the track from its initial idea to the final production?  
I'm a big fan of the trancey sound and I was actually doing a remix for an Ariana Grande track, but some friends told me that I had to change the break and create an original track cause they thought both drops had a lot of potential. I'm very grateful to Orjan Nilsen and the In My Opinion team for giving me the chance to release "Maremoto" under their brand, their label is legendary.
Do you have any other releases in the works that you can tell us about?
Yes! I have a track with Monta which is very powerful and has a similar vibe to "Ascension." I also have tracks coming with GIMAST, AVALDO and one of my favourite artists right now, EMKR.
Today you're performing a set at the Electrify Stage at Armageddon Summer in Spain. Tell us about the experience! 
For real this was awesome. I went to the studio of Frequency Music Academy, hosted by one of the best DJs in Madrid, Danny Valen. He prepared a lot of stuff to play on a virtual stage with visuals and a big virtual experience. The result was a success and I had tons of fun. I even got the chance to invite EMKR to the stage. About the tracks I played, I can say that more than 85% are unreleased tracks, some of them coming up. One of the best DJ mixes I've done in my life. Thanks to Electrify Stage for posting it on their YouTube channel.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose, and why?
For sure, Ava Max. Her voice is amazing, like an angel. I love every track that she releases, and also from her Instagram she seems like a funny person, so I would love to meet her.
And lastly, how is the rest of the year shaping up for you and what has you excited for the months ahead?
I'm about to sign two more tracks that probably are for 2022. Right now after I had my holidays I'm working really hard on a lot of ideas and sending them to W&W. Also I'm signing at least one more track on Intensity this year.

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