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Apr 29, 2019

Rocking With The Best: Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva

Oh yes! You are now rocking with the best! A phrase synonymous with Laidback Luke and his incredible DJ sets is being given new life in 2019. As part of the 15 Years of Mixmash celebrations, Laidback Luke teamed up with Mixmash staple Keanu Silva for the release of “Oh Yes (Rockin' With The Best)”. To celebrate the massive new collaboration, we talked with both artists as they chronicled their progression since releasing “It Was Me” together in October of 2017. Read on to learn more about reinventing a classic, some of their favorite tracks to play live, and much more!
Keanu, Luke, thanks for joining us today! How have each of your years started and what have been a few highlights?
Keanu: 2019 started with a long sleep on January 1st haha. No, seriously the first weeks were amazing with my Don Diablo collab "King Of My Castle" coming out and still doing well on streams and radio plays... And now with this new collab coming up, yeah... those are my highlights so far!
Luke: The year started with a bang. At the beginning of the year, I started working on quite a few collabs and it’s safe to say I have about four ready to go. And as you might have noticed, this year we’re celebrating ‘15 Years of Mixmash’ by stepping up our game with next level events, crazy giveaways and re-releasing Mixmash classics. One of them is “Oh Yes!” The Mixmash Takeover in Miami was epic and the Top 100 countdown I just mixed live with Tomorrowland’s Top 1000 countdown was another big highlight.
It’s been about a year and a half now since we first heard your previous collaboration “It Was Me.” Can each of you highlight the response to that track through your own eyes and what made now the right time for your follow-up collab?
Luke: “It Was Me” was part of our ADE “Rise” album where we introduced the new Mixmash family members to the world. From there on, Keanu and his team have been making moves! With success after success, I feel that right now is the perfect time to do a follow-up and enjoy the rise of Keanu.
Keanu: The positive energy of "It Was Me" and how the people responded was really good! But "Oh Yes" really feels like another chapter – things, and especially in music, often come unplanned. It starts with a great idea and can transfer into something really cool. That's how the collab was actually started. Besides that, I think this collab reflects the sound of Luke and me perfectly.
Talk to us about using the ‘Oh Yes’ / Rocking With The Best’ sample again. It’s obviously an essential piece of you Luke for many, many years now and a tool in so many DJ sets. Did you feel added pressure or extra challenge to recreate it in a new way? Keanu, do you remember the first time that you heard “Rocking With The Best” and what your impression was?
Keanu: Well, I surely know how super famous this phrase is and that made it extra cool to start working on this track. It’s a real honour that I got the chance to collaborate with Luke on this one.
Luke: What has never been done with “Rocking With The Best” is making a proper radio version for it. With the ‘Oh Yes’ version, I think we cracked it. It’s a great mix for the floor and the radio. It absolutely had pressure to come with the right version, and it took us a bit of time but so happy it’s here!
What’s each of your favourite things about the new collaboration?
Keanu: I really think that adding those new vocals with a fresh melody to the end product really made it awesome. I really think this shed another light on the track and I’m really happy with how these additions all turned out.
Luke: I love that signature Keanu synthy fatness in there. I think the added vocal sticks very well too! I’ve been waking up with the song in my head for weeks now!
Luke, can you highlight two favourite things about Keanu (one inside and one outside the studio)? Keanu, same question for Luke.
Luke: What I love about Keanu is that he’s a real DJ. He’s one of the few DJs, from all the new talent rising up, that has made a proper impression on me. I heard him cutting and scratching during ADE and his roots are that he’s been DJing for almost a decade now, playing everything from birthdays and weddings to clubs and festivals. That’s a proper route! Obviously, Keanu is a super nice guy, very humble and has all of the ingredients to become a big name!
Keanu: Outside the studio and behind the decks Luke is an absolute wizard and a big idol for many. Inside the studio he has a strong vision on how the result should sound. I really like how passionate he is about what we should transport with the song to the people out there.
Can both of you talk about the progression of Mixmash Records since you (Keanu) started releasing on the label? Luke, can you share some insight into what we may be hearing from the label this summer? Keanu, can you share what you like most about working with Mixmash?
Luke: As mentioned earlier, “Oh Yes” marks a highlight of us rolling out our celebration tracks for Mixmash's 15 year anniversary. There will be new versions of my classics, I’ve already been playing out new remixes of “Turbulence” and “Need Your Loving.” In the “Oh Yes” package there will be a couple of remixes my followers have been teased with and waiting for, for a while now.
Keanu: I really love working with the Mixmash team. They’re super motivated and really encourage me to achieve my goals. I think we can be proud of what we achieved together over the last two years with this project... Looking forward to our future together!  
Looking into both of your own DJ sets at the moment (make sure you check out the incredible b2b2b2b set from Mixmash Miami below!) what are three must play tracks or artists and why?
Keanu: Besides our new collab (haha) it obviously is Chocolate Puma - “Step Back” (VIP Mix). A re-released classic and the base for the actual G-house trend.
I also love Zen/It - “Wave.” Well done adaptation of a great melody in Zen/It's style.
Last but not least: Lady Bee ft. Miles Hi - “Prove You Wrong.” The next banger from the Mixmash family member with an interesting speedup tempo.
Luke: I play a ton of Mark Bale’s stuff! Mark and Keanu are very good friends and Mark’s sound has that #TwistedHouse sound I’m looking for. Jimmy Clash’s “Swindle” has that same type of vibe and I’ve been playing a lot from DJ’s From Mars and Blinders as well! As long as it’s twisted and housey, I’m all about it!
Summer season is almost upon us, so what’s one tour date on your calendar that you both are really excited about?
Keanu: Playing Parookaville this year and playing Sunburst after The Chainsmokers are definitely my no. 1! Also some great other new updates I can’t say too much about yet, but you’ll hear more very soon. All I can say is that I’m mega excited for this summer.
Luke: I have some great dates on festivals that unfortunately have not been released for publication but always happy to play some of my favourite clubs such as Bootshaus and my residency in Atlantic City at HQ. These guys really know what I’m about and what I’m capable of, so I’m honoured to work so closely with them.
Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva - "Oh Yes (Rockin' With The Best)" is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today! 
Connect with Laidback Luke: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Keanu SilvaSoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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