Pete Dash's Exclusive Mix

Sep 21, 2018
Pete Dash's Exclusive Mix
Pete Dash has enjoyed a busy summer touring consistently in Amsterdam and throughout the Mediterranean, while also hard at work in the studio on his next set of productions. With his debut Back To Jack’s House ADE event on the horizon next month and an arsenal of new IDs ready to rock, we were thrilled to get an expertly crafted Exclusive Mix from Pete!
Pete, thanks for joining us today! How was your summer this year and what were some highlights? Looks to have closed out in a flurry with shows in Holland, Spain, and Cyprus this month!
Summer has been great, even for Dutchie standards, haha... It almost got to the point where the studio became unbearable though, but bringing in the summer has also resulted is some great new records for which I’m very much excited to premiere. It literally took sweat, and metaphorical tears, but I reckon the results are there.

Booking wise things have been up too (writing this actually on my flight to Cyprus for my show at Guaba tonight with Mr. Styles) – but Amsterdam has treated me very well, with Escape and its resident Raymundo in particular. Additionally traveling around the Mediterranean has been such a joy too. We have excellent beaches near where I’m from (Haarlem) where they host several festivals throughout the summer, but inevitably it just isn’t balearic. So getting to play at so many different venues has been a dream!

Youre quite well known for putting together really special mixes with your Back To Jack’s House series. Can you talk about how you create a flow with those mixes and of course your 1001 mix?
Personally I think the flow of the mix in itself is also the key to its success. What most people don’t know is that there’s at least 10-15 alternate versions of every show. However, depending on the flow of the tunes, I opt to move forward with one direction or another.

The original idea behind the whole concept was to offer an alternative to most of the routine shows out there and focusing on the music itself rather than mixing the most recent releases.

As such, starting out the show is the most difficult to me. In several ways it feels like the foundation of a house and sets the musical color and tone for the show, whether it’s more electronic or house oriented. From there on I work my way through from edit to edit.

To some this may seem like overdoing ‘just a podcast,’ but to me it makes each episode timeless and valuable!

Within your 1001Tracklists Mix can you highlight three tracks included and why they stand out to you?
Standing out most is the first track in the mix “Lady Luck” by Michael Cleis. Interestingly enough, it was my dad that first showed me the track while we were in the car driving with the roof down towards the beach. The rhythm and percussion are just extraordinary, and to me the track builds so much tension without all of the effects we’re used to nowadays.

The second track which has been very important to me is “Tigers Milk” which was released on Genairo’s imprint King of Drums. The track was my first official release and the reception has been great! I’ve managed to play the track in virtually every set. The crowd always seems to love and understand it, hence it really was a lift off for my career.

Third is “The One” by Funkerman. The record has so much atmosphere and to me really resembles the sound which got me into music in the first place. I remember when we had parties with friends and the Dutch ‘Sneakerz’ sound burst into the scene. For some it might be hard to imagine, but Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman and Baggi Begovic used to share the same stage – this track reminds me most of that time.

Your Back To Jack’s House Edits are always a hit and you give many away as free downloads. What to you makes a good edit? What’s a favorite edit of your own and why?
Haha good question – what makes a good painting? But hard to say as it’s always subjective. In my personal view a good edit provides that extra connection live. The reason that I started out doing edits from the get-go is to provide the audience with means to connect the new with the old and the other way around.

My favorite edit though has been one I’ve never put out. It’s a take on Alesso’s “If I Lose Myself” with Galantis’ “Gold Dust.” I’ve had people tearing off their shirt when I played it live and it’s just one of those pieces that makes you feel like there’s more to it than the songs itself.

What’s next on the original front from you? Can you share any insight into the sound and direction your next set of productions are headed?
There’s a lot coming over the next months, but unfortunately I’m not at liberty to unveil too much right now. However my next release will be on Rio’s label VAMOS MUSIC mid October, which will be my second EP. It’s different from the previous ones as it’s a bit more tech oriented. Been playing both records throughout the summer, and they’re just those gimmicky tunes which work perfectly in each set.

Sound wise you can expect tracks more similar to my collaboration with Rayven & Valexx  “Deeper” that we did on Tom’s imprint Staar Traxx. Although I still love that progressive side of house, it’s very important to me that my records fit in more sets than just the festival mainstages. Obviously I’ll still be doing those as I’ve been working on a follow up for “Tigers Milk” which was released on King Of Drums earlier this year, but you can mostly expect a more tech oriented sound.

During ADE this year you’re going to be putting together your first ever event, so can you tell us some more about your vision for the event and how it all came together this year?
The thing is that most times during ADE everyone is in meetings and running around, but it’s also one of the few moments everyone is in town. Besides that I’d love to visit everyone and see their sets, but unfortunately there’s never enough time. So BJTH & Friends is a get together of all of my friends in one place, allowing them to play back-to-back, individually, and all together. It’s just as much a party for the crowd as it is to us!

You’ve got a star studded lineup alongside you too! How’d you select those artists and who are a few you are most excited to have on board?
As I’ve mentioned the guys are all good friends! I’ve already had the pleasure to play with some of them such as Styles and Raymundo, but set wise I think we can expect a lot from all of the guys.

Anything else you’d like to share about your event or other ADE plans?
Best thing about the event is that we managed to make it FREE, so it’s guest list only. Other than that, I’ll let the music speak for itself!
Be sure to check out Pete Dash presents Back To Jack's House & Friends ADE Event on Thursday, October 18th at De Bajes. You can RSVP for Free Guest List here!!
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