GT x Wildfire - "Little Dance" & Beyond

Aug 07, 2017
GT x Wildfire - "Little Dance" & Beyond
GT & Wildfire continued their string of fruitful collaborations with “Little Dance” and now the remixes have arrived to take their reach even further. We caught up with the guys to discuss the original production, highlighted by Pamp Le Mousse’s outstanding vocal, and get a picture of where the track fits into their sets and growing joint portfolio.
What was the initial inspiration for “Little Dance” and what was the first sketch like?
To be honest, I don’t even remember what the initial inspiration was. I do remember the first sketch however. It started with a piano progression which was later replaced with a guitar, which was later scrapped and replaced with the organ sound. Haha yeah, there were a few versions flying around at the start!

Where in the production process did Pamp Le Mousse’s vocal come in? How does working with a full vocal affect the way you construct a track?
PLM came in early on. Once we had a nice chord progression and idea, we sent it over and he came back with a very smooth vocal! A full vocal affects everything from sound design to arrangement. Both need to work together!

What do you like most about Pamp Le Mousse’s voice?
His tone and his ability to convey the emotion in his voice! There’s something special about him!

How have you been using the track in your sets and what’s the reception been like?
We’ve been either opening or closing with it. Response has been great and it’s always handy to have such great remixes too!

Looking deeper into your sets – what is a must play in your sets at the moment?
I think right now it must be anything CamelPhat. “Cola” is definitely a stand out!

What do you guys like most about working with one another?
Probably the ease of the whole thing. Everything flows quite nicely, we both have strengths that we concentrate on.

How do you see your work together developing in the coming year?
We were just discussing that today… we have been writing and will continue writing until we land on our next single!

Any individual or joint plans that you’d like to share that has you particularly excited?
Just that we are in the studio writing a bunch of new ideas. We will probably write a few more tunes before we decide on our next single. 
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