Matt Fax: Young Yet Experienced, Striving For More

Feb 03, 2017
Matt Fax: Young Yet Experienced, Striving For More
Matt Fax started listening to dance music at an extremely young age and began his foray into production back in 2009. At just 20 years old, his talent is readily apparent when you listen to his productions, and he’s earned comparisons to artists who’ve been at the top of the industry for years. Enjoy his thoughts on his new EP, out now on Enhanced Colorize, his background and early interests in dance music, and what he’s hoping to do musically in 2017.
How did “Circles” come to be? What was the production process like for this track and what do you think you were going for?
I started this track in November, and I had no idea of what I was going to do. I started with the arp synth and everything came naturally after. I found that vocal sample which inspired me a lot for the rest of the track. I completed the whole track in a couple of hours on a crappy laptop.

“Aura Lusia” is a bit deeper and darker of the two. What inspired this track?
When I finished “Circles,” I made a new project in Ableton. I was going for tech house at first, since I started with the filtered sample, and the first shot I had of it was purely tech house/techno. Then I found this synth sample which I instantly loved, sounded very nostalgic. So then I tried to mix it with my tech house idea, and that’s how it come out.
How does it feel to have had “Aura Lusia” played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1? 
It's unreal, I've been listening to his show for almost 10 years and I've heard all my favorite artists have their tracks premiered on Radio 1. It's a childhood dream coming true and a true excitement. It makes me very proud to think that Pete Tong, one of the most respected artists and animators in the electronic music scene, is supporting my stuff. I still can't believe it to be honest.

What do you think unifies the two tracks and made you want to release them together as an EP?
I sent the two tracks to Enhanced as soon as I fully finished them, and since they were made the same day, me and the label thought it was a good idea to release them together.

You recently mentioned that you are planning to push yourself for quality over quantity this year. Can you talk a little about that and what you hope to achieve with your 2017 productions?
I guess my post speaks by itself. I had a lot of good tracks this year, but also a lot of forgettable tracks made in a couple of hours without any extra work. I also guess that people were fed up of me releasing so much music, it might have been hard to keep up to date. So this year is going to be a lighter year in terms of releases, and hopefully a bit better.

What was it like getting into production at such a young age? How have your tastes changed over the years?
You know, nowadays it’s very easy to get into production. Everything is made simpler, so anybody can easily do a track. When I started in 2009, I was mainly inspired by trance and progressive, but I also made some techno, dubstep or even electro. With the time, I grew up as an artist and as a person and I have been interested in many other styles, not necessary electronic. I guess it happens to everyone with experiences of life.

Who were some of your early interests in dance music? Any artists that you’re closely following these days?
I was first introduced to dance music at 5 or 6 with Tiësto, and Joachim Garraud around 9 or 10, so my first interests were trance and electro. When I was 11 I moved up to techno and tech house, with artists like Slam, Adam Beyer, Sebastien Léger and more. Since then I have been looking at every electronic music subgenre. For the last year, I’ve been look closely at the IDM scene, with labels like Warp or Ninja Tunes. It’s refreshing. I listen to a lot of Bibio and Nils Frahm those days. Two artists I closely follow are Griefjoy and Beacon, two amazing electronic groups.

How is 2017 looking for you? What has you excited?
2017 might be an important year as I’m currently working with Enhanced on my debut album. It’s very exciting since it’s been a project I had in mind for almost four years now. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but we do work fast and good so hopefully this will be done in the next couple of months.

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