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Big Month On Revealed For Olly James

Sep 26, 2016
Big Month On Revealed For Olly James
Out today, Olly James's collaboration with Maddix - “Invictus” marks his second Revealed Recordings release this month along with his Joey Dale collaboration “Higher.” Also, this month Olly crafted a bootleg and mashup filled BALR mix. He joined us to discuss both collaborations and the mix - their inspiration, premieres on Hardwell On Air and at the Flying Dutch, and more!
How did you come to collaborate with Joey Dale and Maddix?
I think both collabs started just by talking on Twitter. With Maddix it was actually a year ago when we first started to discuss a collab, after my first Revealed release “Raid.”
What do you think is the biggest strength both brought into your collabs?
I think the biggest strength in both tracks is that you can hear both styles clearly, something that is vital for a successful collab in my opinion.
Can you talk a little about the inspiration and production process for each track?
In both tracks, our aim was to create something high energy with real festival appeal, but also something where we could merge both of our styles successfully. The production process was fairly simple; I sent the initial “Higher” & “Invictus” projects to Joey & Maddix and they finished each within a few days. It was really easy to work with them both.
What was it like having “Higher” premiered on Hardwell On Air?
It’s always crazy when Hardwell premieres a release, as you get to interact with Revealed fans during the show via chat, getting their live reactions to the track. I always get the same feeling of excitement during a premiere!
Do you feel that your tracks needed to be road tested on a dancefloor?
I think it’s essential to have your track tested on a dancefloor, as the reaction of the crowd will be similar to the reaction of someone hearing it for the first time on Hardwell On Air. You want to give them the 'WOW' feeling, luckily I was able to see the reactions to “Invictus” at the Flying Dutch for myself via video livestream, where Hardwell played it for the very first time.
How’d you approach making your BALR. Weekend Mix? [tracklist]
The approach to this mix was essentially to play all of the tracks I’m enjoying right now, but at the same time appeal to a larger audience, ensuring that there is something for everybody.
You chose to include a lot of your own mashups, can you talk about that and the track selection?
I tried to give people a taste of a show where I’m performing. The track selection is essentially what I would play at a live show, so I included some of my private mashups and exclusive tracks.
You included your bootleg of “Cold Water” in the mix. How does making a bootleg differ from your original productions?
Bootlegs for me take around 30% of the time of an original track. In my bootlegs, I am always inspired by, and a lot of the time, using the melody from the original track. Sometimes I can be stuck with writer’s block for days, struggling for ideas, then I hear a track on the radio and next thing i know I’m creating a remix for it. They're important to keep my productions flowing.
What’s it like seeing videos of Hardwell playing it to massive crowds on the biggest stages?
Its awesome, I still get that same butterfly feeling since the first time he played one of my tracks live. He is always playing to the biggest crowds at the biggest festivals, so it’s always an honor to see him support my work.
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