Jul 26, 2016

Another Dimension

Dimension recently released a mix compilation on Flashover Recordings. The mix features his own tracks as well as some of his favorite selections across a variety of trance subgenres. Dimension discusses how he selected the tracks for the compilation and how meaningful the support of Ferry Corsten is to him.
How would you describe the mix compilation as a whole? What do you think is a uniting theme?
I think it's a journey through different genres of trance. Starting a bit slower and relaxed and ending on higher BPMs, perfect for the dancefloor. I think that mix progression makes a perfect union.
What period of time does the compilation cover? How have you grown as a producer over that time?
From start to finish I think it covers about three months. We received a lot of great demos from other producers and it was fantastic to discover all the high quality material we got. As a producer I'm always growing, discovering new things and learning. Music is fantastic because you never stop learning!
How does the compilation show your range as a producer?
It's really a trip through my favorite trance styles. To me, the first and last track of the compilation explains it all. The compilation opens with my single, “Sakura,” which sounds like summer and is a bit more progressive. It ends with “Wormhole,” a banging uplifting tune featuring Robert Nickson!
Do you have any favorite productions on the compilation?
Yes, of course! I love all the tracks because it was my personal selection, but one of the tracks I love the most is Dualitik - "Afrika." It's a mix between techno and trance and a very good track for my sets. I love it.
Are there any other tracks on it that you would like to highlight?
Yeah, my collaboration with Ryoji Takahashi called “Hidamari,” a new collab with Armada artist Radion 6 called “Emerald” which will be out on Flashover soon, and the collaboration with Robert Nickson called “Wormhole.” All exclusively made for this compilation!
What does it mean to you to release this compilation on Flashover Recordings? What’s your relationship with Ferry Corsten like?
It means the world to me. Nobody has ever opened their doors and welcomed me like the Flashover team and Ferry is doing. They are my biggest supporters and believe in me, and it's unbelievable for me to have such a team behind me. My relation with Ferry is very professional. We don't speak to or see each other on a daily basis, but it's awesome to know he follows and supports everything I do. That's a huge motivation for me.
How does your musical background lend itself to your production career?
I always say the same here. I'm a very lucky because I can listen to any genre or any song, and play it on piano right away. Well, not 100% the same of course, but you will easily recognize it, haha. This makes things easy sometimes because I don't have any problems creating melodies. But, you know, you need inspiration to create the right one, and inspiration isn't always around when you want it to be.
You’ve produced lots of tracks with fellow artist support (“Origami,” “Mangata,” and “Moments” stand out). What does it mean to you each time you see a big artist play one of your tracks? Is there any DJ’s support you find particularly meaningful or surprising?
Oh yes, each new song is a challenge because after a big success you always want to reach that same level, even top it. So I'm always wishing that Ferry, Armin, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz and other big trance names support my tracks. It's a big joy when I hear my name on their radio shows. If they play my songs, that probably means I'm doing something right!

Can you talk about your original “Sakura”? What was the inspiration and production process like for this track? How have you been using it in your sets? What’s the reaction been like?
It was a typical spring day when I started on “Sakura,” sunny day, blue skies, you know the drill. The inspiration was clearly that lovely spring/summer feeling and I wanted put that feeling into a track. I haven't played it in any set yet, but I can't wait to drop it during my festival debut later this month!
What does the rest of the summer look like for you?
It looks pretty amazing. At the end of July I will have my festival debut at Tomorrowland and Electronic Family on the same weekend. What else I can ask for? :-D
Enjoy Dimension's Tomorrowland set below and find the tracklist here.
Connect with Dimension: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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