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Nov 09, 2022

Dave Winnel Talks New Project 'Little Foot' & Breathtaking Live Set

Today we’re joined by Dave Winnel to take a deep dive into his new alias, Little Foot. Focusing on releasing more melodic and journey-like records, this love project for the Australian DJ/producer is already producing fantastic results. Most recently his single “The Last Dinosaur” has climbed above 450,000 Spotify streams, and Dave is excitedly exploring a new live show setup with Little Foot. Turn it up and make sure to go full screen to take in the beauty of Glenworth Valley, Australia as you get a real sense for the influence of nature, dinosaurs, and the famous movie 'The Land Before Time' as part of Dave’s Spotlight Mix feature!

Dave, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate this breathtaking set! Let’s set the stage for your new Little Foot project first. When did the idea to start the alias come about and what have been a few key moments in its development?
Thanks for having me! I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting an alias for around four years now. In fact I released a four track EP back in 2019, Lily Of The Valley, and all four of these tracks I was planning on doing under a new project, but due to fear of failure and the fear of the unknown and starting all over again, this held me back and I ended up caving and releasing these under Dave Winnel. 
Dinosaurs were always going to play a big part in the theme for the project – I literally brainstormed about 300 names… but I always came back to the very first one I wrote down, ‘Little Foot.´ For those that don’t know, Littlefoot is the main dinosaur from the 1988 animated movie The Land Before Time, which is the story of a group of young dinosaurs on a journey to find ´The Great Valley,´ their happy place. 
Talk to us some more about the sounds and core components that Little Foot stands for.
Little Foot is all about emotional uplifting soundscapes, beautiful hopeful melodies and stripped back drums. This project is actually the real me, this is the music that really excites me and this is the music that comes out of me more naturally in the studio. It’s about being free creatively and having an outlet for me to express myself truthfully, without rules and labels influencing me in a certain direction. I’m using a lot more analog gear for my Little Foot stuff too, mainly the Prophet rev2, the Moog Sub sequent37 and the Behringer Ms-1.       
You released your first Little Foot record in May, and have followed up with two more singles since. Can you pick two of the three tracks and highlight what makes them special to you?
Little Foot - “Jurassic Park (Journey To The Island).” The first Little Foot release was a cover of the Jurassic Park theme. Jurassic Park is easily my favorite film. I love the soundtrack so much, when I listen to it I get this sense of childlike awe and excitement. I used to listen to it on long flights to kinda zone out and meditate. This version I released was something I had been working on and off for about three years. I never thought it would get released, I really just want to hear what a non cheesy, progressive house version of the Jurassic Park theme song would sound like. When I finally decided to start the alias I thought this would be the perfect way to kick it off. 
Little Foot ft. Lyonheart - “Am I Dreaming.” “Am I Dreaming” features Lyonheart, an epic singer from the UK with a super unique voice. We’ve collaborated before on a Dave Winnel record, “Spark.” “Am I Dreaming” is special because it was going to be a Dave Winnel record, but my manager, Onno, suggested that it was too melodic and progressive so I should start the alias NOW and put it out under that, and this is really what kicked me into gear and drove to me start the alias for real, and to stop just thinking about it.  
“The Last Dinosaur” has surpassed 430,000 spotify streams already. How does that milestone rank amongst other career accomplishments for you?
When I started this project I said, “it doesn’t matter about streams,” but I can’t lie, when “The Last Dinosaur” started clocking up some nice streams I couldn’t help myself, but continuously check online to watch the numbers go up.  I don’t think I’ve had a DW record that’s gained that many streams so fast so it’s nice to see, but I keep reminding myself, it’s not about the streams, just put out music that I’m super proud of.   
Take us inside your spectacular live set. When did you get the idea to record in Glenworth Valley and what were some steps in turning it into reality?
For the set I knew I wanted to film somewhere where I was surrounded by nature. I was looking for a location that resembled The Great Valley from The Land Before Time and I stumbled across this image captured from a drone looking into the Glenworth Valley and it looked perfect. Better yet, the valley is privately owned so I didn’t need to organize permits or anything with the national parks, and it was a pretty simple process of just organizing with the owners of the land instead. They film loads of things there, from TV commercials to Married at First Sight
There were a few setbacks on the day. The sun was out strong, blaring down hard on us. After we were set up and ready to go my laptop had overheated to the point where it wouldn’t run properly and the audio kept cutting out. Thankfully after letting it cool down in the shade for some time it was good to go, but it was pretty stressful. Also when the set was over, because we were in the middle of the bush, it was completely pitch dark, we couldn’t see two feet in front of ourselves. It was actually pretty scary being on top of the edge of the cliff. We had to carry all of the gear down this super sketchy path carved out of the rocks and we only had a couple minimal lights and our iPhones. It was a massive day and couldn’t have done it without my boys Pete & Zac.    
For this set you also played live as opposed to a traditional DJ set. Tell us some more about your setup for this recording.
I’m running Ableton LIVE with all the songs set up with different cue points set up across different clips. I’m launching the clips using an APC40 mk2. Running into Ableton I have the Prophet REV2 and Moog Subsequent37. I want to keep expanding this over time, focusing more and more on things that I can play live so it’ll become less of a DJ set and more of a live performance.
With Little Foot going forward, do you envision all your performances to be a more true live set as opposed to a DJ set?
Yesss. I plan to start doing some shows in 2023 that will all be done as ‘live’ sets. 
One of the highlight records in your set “Cera” drops this Friday on the 11th. Take us through the production.
“Cera” is mainly recorded from my analog synths, you can really feel the warmth they’ve added. The bassline is coming from the Moog Sub37 and the chords and pads are from the Prophet Rev2 and the white noise is from the Ms-1. I sent the midi from the DAW into the synths and recorded really long takes of me messing around with all the knobs and then chopped and arranged the track from these takes. It all came together pretty fast. 
Looking ahead, how do you envision the balance between Dave Winnel and Little Foot moving forward?
50/50. I’m still pumping out Dave Winnel tunes like before so it is quite challenging. Making the music is the easy part… it’s the planning, scheduling, social media and everything else that's the hard part… but, “uh life finds a way”! :D 
Anything else that you’d like to share?
Hold onto your butts for 2023.
Little Foot - "Cera" drops on all platforms on November 11th:
Connect with Little Foot: Spotify | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube
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