[Premiere] Landis & Noah Parker Deliver Summer Anthem "Stars"

May 04, 2018
[Premiere] Landis & Noah Parker Deliver Summer Anthem "Stars"
Landis and Noah Parker have teamed up for a summer anthem and we are absolutely stoked to bring you a first listen! Out now on Thrive Music, “Stars” offers all you could ask for in an emotional, dancefloor ready house hit! We caught up with both guys to celebrate the track looking closely at how the collaboration took shape and some of their favorite elements in the production.
How’d you guys get connected to work on “Stars”? Do you remember when you first heard each other’s music and what your first impression was?
Noah: A mutual friend who I have been working with for a while put us together. I asked him if he knew any top remixers for “Stars” and I loved the production around “In My Head.”

Landis: When I heard the “Stars” vocal, that was the first I heard from Noah and it really stuck out to me because it had a deep emotion, but was also kind of minimal. I knew it had the perfect vibe to build a strong house track around.

Noah, can you talk to us a little about your original pop single “Stars” and how that production came together?  
Noah: The melody and lyrics came to me while I was watching a documentary on navigation. Prior to GPS the world got around by staring up at the stars, and it was a wayward, chaotic way of finding out how to get from A to B, yet somehow it often worked. It struck me as a good metaphor for many relationships.

After I laid down the initial tracks and put together a blueprint for the song I took it to my longtime production partner Emile Ghantous, who found the missing links and turned it into a polished pop song.

Landis, what stuck out to you about the original and what did you feel you could add to the track to take it to another level with this collaboration?
Landis: The minimal vocal was the game changing element for me. The track really came together organically and strayed so far from the pop production that releasing this version as an original just made sense.

For each of you guys, what’s your favorite element of the vocal in “Stars”?
Noah: It’s a tie between the chorus and the vamps in the outro, something about them fit the other-worldly quality that I wanted to achieve.

Landis: The “Stars” vocal message is really cool. For me, it’s about chasing a girl, but I think it can be heard a few different ways – it leaves it up to the listener to decide what the message means.

Landis, how do you see “Stars” fitting into your DJ sets? Have you had a chance to test it out yet? 
Landis: I haven’t played it out yet, but that’s because I just finished up the extended mix ;) I think it will be a super playable track, it grooves the whole time and has a very memorable bassline.

Noah, what’s the experience been like for you working with an artist in the realm of electronic dance music? Is this a direction we could see you head in the future?
Noah: I grew up listening to as much EDM as I did pop music, and I consider artists like Daft Punk, Porter Robinson and Madeon major influences to my sound, so this seemed like a very natural step for me.

Landis, later this month you’ll return to perform at EDCLV! What does that opportunity mean to you and what can people expect from your set?
Landis: It’s a big milestone for me! I played three years ago, but during that time I was making music for a completely different genre. Now I’m getting more and more known for the new style I’m producing, so expect A LOT of house, and a crowd of shufflers going hard!

For both of you, what other music and happenings have you excited as we head towards summer?
Noah: Lollapalooza has a really exciting lineup, and rumor has it the Gorillaz are dropping a new album.

Landis: It really feels like house music is coming back strong in the dance world right now. I’m curious what the Swedish House Mafia return will do to the industry, personally I think they will be a driving force shifting it back to that 2009-2011 house sound that got me into dance music in the first place.
Landis & Noah Parker – “Stars” is out now via Thrive Records and available to stream on your platform of choice!
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