Get To Know Jameston Thieves

Oct 05, 2017
Get To Know Jameston Thieves
Celebrating his brand new original “Ghosts,” we caught up with American producer Jameston Thieves. Jake shared some really personal insights into who he is as an artist and his creative process, which instilled a newfound appreciation for his music, and we hope it will do the same for you!
For those of our readers that aren’t familiar, can you introduce yourself and give them a little background on Jameston Thieves?
I am Jake, the human representative behind Jameston Thieves. The thieves in a sense are my creative muses and inspiration behind my work. I feel like I myself, have very little to do with my own creative process, and these varying personalities in my consciousness work with me... So in a sense it is a collaboration between me and my other consciousness. The name comes from the Jamestown massacre, when the consciousness of villagers were being “stolen” by spirits, and their human representatives were accused of and then executed for witchcraft. I think I have the same forces leading me, but we work together to make art.
Can you describe the dance music scene in Phoenix and how it has influenced you and your sound?
The dance music scene in Phoenix is awesome, so many amazing people, and incredible respect for the music. From the age of 18 until now, I’ve spent two years in San Francisco, one year in Colorado, and a little over a year in LA. I’ve drawn my inspiration from all of these places as I’ve developed my sound and they have all played equal roles. When I was younger, coming up in the Phoenix dance music scene, I didn’t feel very accepted by the community. If anything, it gave me more motivation to give them a reason to care. After four years away from Phoenix, I’ve realized by coming back here, the community has become so nurturing, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing lifelong friends.
Can you talk to us about how “Ghost” came about and what inspired the track?
The idea behind “Ghost” was to create a sort of explanation for my own anti-social behavior. I’ll get so lost in my artistic exploration that I forget to call friends, I forget to go outside. I wrote it when I first moved to LA, amongst all the chaos that city brings, I felt a need to express how I truly felt about my journey getting there. It is a sort of a musical explanation to everyone who has wondered, “where has Jake been?” I’ve spent so much time isolated and not engaging in social settings, it left me feeling like I was probably somewhat dead, or a ghost to a lot of people. It’s something that makes me sad, because I love the people in my life so much, but my artistic process is so demanding, when I’m deep in ideas it feels like the only important thing to me is getting those ideas out. This song was so healing to write because it comes from such a personal place. It feels to me like a musical apology/reminder to myself that everything is fine, and the people close to me understand these things about me.
How did your remix for ATLiens – “Alchemy” come about [free download]? What elements of the original did you want to preserve in your remix and how do you feel you've made the track your own?
I consider those aliens to be some of my better friends in the music industry, we are mentally on the same page in a lot of philosophical ways. I met them a couple years ago at Miami Music Week, and we reconnected when we played Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas last New Year’s Eve. We talked about working on some stuff “which we may or may not have done” and then they asked if I’d be interested in remixing “Alchemy.” I loved the original, such a cool unique vibe, their vocal trap style is unlike anyone else, so I was excited to play with their ideas and forge my own landscape amidst the “Alchemy” vibe. The original record has a dark vibe, which I thought was important to keep in tact while also incorporating my twist on the tune. Ironically, my remix took many different formations, but what starts as the dark “lead” heavy breakbeat vibe transforms into a happy/hopeful “gold” future bass type ending. I didn’t use a ton of material from the original, but the pieces I did use, and the vibe of the original really inspired the concept behind what I eventually did with the remix.
Can you let us in on any cool collaborations coming up?
Lots of cool collaborations coming up with some of my closest friends, and some artists I really look up to. But I value the element of surprise, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Really excited for the future, possibly more than ever.
What does the rest of 2017 look like for Jameston Thieves?
I have a bunch of music finished and ready to be released. I have a ton of records coming out on some really cool labels that I’ve always wanted to work with plus I’m playing some scattered shows around the country. Wherever I play, I love meeting everyone who supports me, so if I’m coming to your city, reach out and we will find some time to talk! Other than that, I feel like I’m writing some of the most meaningful music in my life, and I can’t wait for it all to see the world. Thanks 1001Tracklists for being a part of my artistic journey, it means a lot.
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