Feb 08, 2017

Catching Up With Low Steppa

Last week we enjoyed catching up with Low Steppa before his show in Washington, D.C. The Birmingham, U.K. native enjoyed some nice time off to start the year and was excited to kick off a solid run of US shows. There was lots to talk about as the dynamic producer is constantly churning out his own quality productions, holding down his monthly Rinse FM residency, and working on his label Simma Black.
How has your year started off?
It’s been nice. I was actually at home this January. It was nice to have three solid weeks to get some work done. Normally I go to America in January, but it was pretty good really to have some time off.
What’s it been like holding down your Rinse FM residency? What goes into making the show each month?
I think it’s a good thing to do. I definitely think people out here listen to it too. It’s a lot of work; I spend a few days sorting it all out. Most of the tracks are promos, basically all the promos I get all month I put the into a folder and then when it come time to do the show I have loads of music to choose from. I still buy music as well. I really prefer to buy my own music. That’s what a DJ is. Promos are a little weird... I like to go on Traxsource and find music that way.
You just came out with a nice little bootleg remix of “War” [free download]! Where’d that idea come from?
I did a version of that a few years ago, but I just felt it’s more relevant now than ever so I thought it’d be a good one. I was really happy with how it came out.
And you’ve had a couple of big collabs released recently as well. What was it like working with Mr. V on “My House”?
It was wicked! I had been into him for years. I prefer to try and do stuff with the old school guys that I grew up listening to. It was really cool. Actually it was a different track I sent to him initially, and he did some vocals and then I totally changed the track when I got the vocals back and it turned into “My House.”
Can you talk a little about what went into working with Skapes on “The Horn” and “Hold It”?
I’ve actually worked with him for years. He was Calvertron, and then he and I have our alias project Twocker. It’s always good to get in the studio with him.
Any artists you think we should we be on the lookout for?
I like Greco – he’s good. There’s this kid called Wheats and this Dutch guy, Gerbert, who has remixed one of my new tracks.
And of course Scott Diaz! “Shakedown” is such a great track.
I might play that tonight. Scott Diaz is wicked. There’s a lot of really good artists.
Personally where do you think your music is going? Any more vocal tracks like “Runnin’”?
I actually have one coming out on Armada. I’m just going to balance it again. I’ve got loads of house stuff done as well. I just try and do a vocal track here and there. If they do well on Spotify, it will help grow your fan base.
Looking into your sets at the moment, what are some of your must plays? What makes them stand out? Are you still playing your “My Love” remix?
Scott Diaz – “Shakedown.” [laughs] The Greco mix of “My House.” There’s actually a new Erick Morillo & Harry Romero remix of “Thick Dick” that is really good as well.
Any chance you’ll drop your “Dreams” remix tonight?
I’ve not been playing it much in my sets recently actually, but I did the other day and thought maybe I should play it more! The trouble is there is so much music!
If you want to hear more from Low Steppa, be sure to check out Low Steppa's January Rinse FM takeover here.
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