Alle Farben's Exclusive Mix

Oct 21, 2016
Alle Farben's Exclusive Mix
Alle Farben recently put out his second album Music Is My Best Friend. In addition to crafting our latest Exclusive Mix, he discusses some of his tracks, what inspires him, and where things are headed for him. 
Can you discuss your decision to name your album Music Is My Best Friend? How do the tracks on the album reflect this title?
It was a working title in the beginning. I picked the name at that time, because I just liked the words and the idea behind it, but more and more it became like, “Okay that’s really my life, music is my best friend.” The last song I made for the album was “Please Tell Rosie” and in that song, ‘music is my best friend’ is the catchphrase of the song, so I tell a story about my life. I’d be constantly on tour and there could be a person at home waiting for me, but in this situation I don’t have that person.
What do you think ties the album tracks together and makes them unified?
The organic sound. The band sound, but still electronic music which makes it special. I can play all of the songs with a band together or I can also play them in clubs and festivals as a DJ.
Looking a little closer at your DJ sets, how do you approach playing your own music versus other artists’ music?
When I play at a festival and have just a one hour set, I’ll probably just play my songs and my club or festival mixes. But I love to play very extended sets, like six hours. Of course then I can’t just only play my songs. I came from the old school DJ background starting off with vinyl so it’s not a foreign concept for me to play other people’s music.
Whose music do you like playing in your sets?
I really like playing Nora En Pure. I like the whole label, Enormous Tunes. I like this kind of deep house poppy sound. You can play it at prime time or you can play it as a warm-up. It’s soulful and deep, but in the end it has nice drops so I like the sound.
Can you talk about the inspiration behind the album track “Bad Ideas”?
It’s quite easy to tell. Everyone has these bad ideas, when they are in a club and they say let’s go home and then four hours later you are leaving. Everyone has these bad ideas, and the thought was to just turn that idea that so many people can relate with into a song. This song came out of a writing camp where I worked with Chris Gelbuda who also writes and sings on the song.
At the same time that you came out with this single, you released the Lahos remix. What makes that remix stand out to you?
I actually had wanted a remix from Lahos, who played trumpet on the track. I really wanted to work with him on another track, but in the end we just worked together towards the end of the album so I just said let’s just have a different version and asked him to do a remix.
Which version of “Bad Ideas” do you tend to play in your DJ sets?
I play mostly club mixes that I make myself. And I like to do this with almost every song from the album. The club version was already done and I had to make a new version for the single actually. I don’t like to play the pop versions in my shows, I like longer extended versions where I can mix more and have a more powerful buildup.
Can you highlight a couple additional tracks from your album?
“Metaphysik der Rohren” was a track on my first album and “Metaphysik der Rohren II” is the second part of that track. When I was working on the second album and exploring ideas, I opened the original file and thought I would just have a look, but ended up starting to work in the same project. In the end it was like a new sound. So I felt I had to take the name “Metaphysik der Rohren II.”
Then I would pick “Remember Yesterday.” It was great to work with Michael Schulte and Perttu on this song. Michael sang on three songs on the album and Perttu wrote on three songs on the album. For me, this one was an important one because it was one of the first songs that became ready for the album. The sound I made with Perttu was great. He played this techy whistle sound that I loved.
Who was your favorite vocalist to work with?
Chris Gelbuda I like a country voice like. This rough, folky sound. I would love to work again with him.
We heard you are already looking ahead and working on your third album, is that true?
Yes. For me, I always like to be making some music. I always sit in the studio in winter time and produce when it’s cold, raining, and snowing in Berlin. It’s funny because I’m doing this happy music, so I thought for the third album I would go to Thailand and produce it there. So in February I’ll take a month to work on the album there.
How’d you pick Thailand?
I know people living there and I have friends there so it’s easy to go there. The idea is to set up a home studio because there is no studio to rent where I am going. I think it will help make it even easier for me to get into my uplifting sound.
What does the rest of this year look like for you?
I haven’t had any holidays for quite some time so I’m going to take ten days off and I’ll head somewhere warm of course. For the end of the year I’ve got a club tour in Germany around my album. I will incorporate some live acts on stage too with live vocals and trumpet, so kind of a DJ show with some add-ons which I like to do from time to time.
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Christian Löffler ft. Mohna - Haul [KI]
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Justin Jay ft. Josh Taylor - Make You Mine [DIRTYBIRD]
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Dusky ft. Solomon Grey - Long Wait [POLYDOR]
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Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do (Redondo Edit) [D1]
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Infinity Ink - Full Capacity (Joris Voorn Remix) [DIFFERENT (PIAS)]
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andhim - Super [FREE]
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Djuma Soundsystem - Parga (Hanne & Lore Remix) [SOSO]
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Justin Jay - You Give Me Butterflies [PETS]
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Bob Moses - Like It Or Not (Joris Voorn Remix) [DOMINO]
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Flume ft. Kai - Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix) [FUTURE CLASSIC]
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Moloko - Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch Musical Mix) [ECHO]
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