Corey James Talks His Music & His Rising Stock

Apr 15, 2016
Corey James Talks His Music & His Rising Stock
We caught up Corey James in Miami to talk about his rise in the dance music community, his new roommate Will K, some of his most successful tracks and more! Check out some of his hits throughout the piece as many of his songs have been in the 1001tracklists Top 10 Overall EDM Track Chart.
What do you think is the song that burst you onto the scene?
The first track that really took off was the Galantis – Runaway remix. It wasn’t signed to a label, it was just a bootleg remix. To get, I think, 85,000 plays just from scratch, from independence – that’s pretty crazy. That’s the track that got the most support and did really well for me.

What about your collaboration with Will K (Another Storm)?
Yeah! I’ve seen today actually it’s up to #7 on 1001. Obviously DJ support and podcast support is really important in this industry to get noticed, so I’m happy and excited about the track.
What’s your relationship like with Will?
Will’s a good friend. Basically, we started speaking on Facebook about two years ago. We were just sending ideas back and forth because we liked each other’s music. And then eventually, it was the Tonight remix for AN21 and Max Vangelli – we had been talking about making a track together for ages and then I sent Will an idea for that track and he liked it straight away and the rest is history. Even if we don’t work together for a track, we’ll always give vital feedback for each other’s tracks. It’s a really good relationship and when it comes to the music side of things, it’s perfect.

And that’s all over email and online chats?
Well, it was, but now Will’s moved to the UK and is living at my house.
So you guys share a studio now?
Yeah, we share my studio. Luckily, Will works on headphones.
Is it hard to split your time between studio life and the rest of your life?
Well, I’m just a producer geek. I sit in the studio all day. I wake up, go to the gym, come home and I’m in the studio until I go to sleep. It’s interesting for you, but when you’re actually doing it, it’s not so interesting. It’s work. But at the same time, it’s a hobby and it’s something that I’ll always do. It can be frustrating when you’re working hours and hours in the studio and nothing comes out. But, the way I see it, cool things are happening slowly, and it’ll all pay off eventually.
What do you think your plan for releasing music will be?
To be honest, I never really want this type of stuff. I make music cause it’s what I love doing. I just work on a track and finish it, and then I speak to my manager and see what we want to do with it. I work on tons of stuff. I work on album-type material. I’m just having fun, experimenting, trying different things. Eventually it’ll come to a point where I know what I want to do with certain kinds of tracks, whether it’s an EP or album. But at the moment, I’m working on a lot of solo material. The last two years, all I’ve released is collabs and some remixes, but I think now it’s time to put some solos out and gain momentum.
Can you talk about your latest track, Make the Crowd Go?
Make the Crowd Go was actually influenced by all the upcoming festivals in the summer - we really wanted to make a big festival track. Teamworx sent me a super sick idea and I loved it, so we collaborated on it. Working with Teamworx was great, they are super talented guys and really know what they are doing when it comes to music production. I believe we both compliment each other’s sound when it comes to different sounds, mixing technicalities, etc. The song is perfect for a peak time main room set - always gets amazing reactions from the crowd every time it’s played. The Make The Crowd Go Vocal Edit is out now on most platforms - Beatport, Spotify, etc. and we would hugely appreciate if you all go out and buy, support, and/or stream it. Thank you!

What original are you most proud of?
Probably Another Storm – I wrote that melody one night after being on holiday and I kind of sat on it for a few months. I knew it was good, but wasn’t sure whether it was annoying, cause every time I heard it I’d be singing it for hours. And then I spoke to Will, and Will fell in love with the melody. That’s when he said he’s get some vocals and do a breakdown and we’ll work on it together. Eventually, I showed it to Third Party and instantly they loved it, but they wanted to do some tweaks to the arrangement and the sound design.

What’s your relationship like with Third Party?
Third Party are amazing. They’ve always been these guys that I’ve looked up to when I started making music. I remember meeting them two years ago when they played at Cream with Steve Angello. Harry from Third Party put himself in my phone, and said basically we’re always looking for guys from the UK. And now, two years later, we’ve got this track with them and it’s crazy. They’re really good to me and took me under their wing, helping me with shows, music, feedback, releases. There’s a few guys in the industry that took a liking to me and helped me out – Third Party, Max Vangelli, Marcus Schossow, Kryder, Tom Staar.
What’s your relationship like with Kryder?
Kryder’s a legend. You’ve probably seen him around Miami. He’s always asking for new music and giving me feedback and even with the Sosumi shows, he’s helping as well.
Is it important to all share the British background?
I think it might be the British thing. You see all these Italian guys sticking together and helping each other with their music. So, it would be nice to really get some British momentum going. I hope that’s what it is.
What is the show that made you want to become a producer and DJ?
It was at Cream when I was 18 years old. I messaged Steve Angello on Twitter because the show sold out and he followed me, and I basically just asked if there was any chance I could come because I didn’t know he was playing in Liverpool, and he put me on the guest list. When I went, he saw me in the crowd and asked me to go up. After that show, I knew straight away, just watching him - it inspired me.

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