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Dec 17, 2021

1001Tracklists Spotlight: Sandeville Celebrates 'So Many Times'

Today we’re joined by one of Brazil’s rising electronic stars, Sandeville. He’s closing 2021 with a massive collaboration together with Bruno Be & Alexandra Prince on Controversia and to celebrate, he’s delivered a massive live set from Campo de Marte in São Paulo, Brazil. Turn it up to get a taste of his infectious house grooves and read on to learn more about the work and build up to “So Many Times,” some of Sandeville’s career milestones, and his constant drive for consistency and evolution. Enjoy!
Sandeville, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate “So Many Times.” What did it mean to you to have the chance to rework an iconic classic?
It’s my pleasure to talk to you guys! Well, I’ve always been a huge fan of the original track since its release in 2004. When we got the chance to rework the song together with Alexandra, the original singer, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy task, but we got so excited for the opportunity to work on a classic song! Bruno is a great friend and a solid producer – we met long ago touring around Brazil.
What was it like working together on the new version?
For sure it was super nostalgic and definitely a great learning experience to recreate every element and instrument of the song. Alexandra is so sweet. It was funny to find out that she is actually half Brazilian, that definitely made us closer. Bruno and I thought this was the perfect track to collaborate on! We had the desire to make a newer version of this classic, and from the idea to the final version it took only a few weeks.
There were a variety of challenges with “So Many Times” taking a while to actually be released. What was the build up to release like for you and how does it feel to have it out there finally?
The flow to produce the track was quick and easy, but the biggest challenge we went through was the bureaucracy that we faced to get all of the clearances and rights to release it. As usual, it takes months to get permission to remake a song, but Covid made it even worse. Labels and publishing companies were working at a different speed from normal days, and what was supposed to be released at the end of 2019 became available only at the end of 2021.
The track has found a really good home on Controversia. What does it mean to have Alok’s stamp of approval and what has your experience been like working with the team there?
Controversia is by far the top label from Brazil in my opinion, they are so professional. One of the main heads behind Alok’s record label, Orlando, is a really cool guy who I had already worked with in the past. I showed him the track and he already knew that Alok and his brother Bhaskar would love it. Turns out that they did like it and everyone in the label is supporting the track in many ways. Actually Bruno and I were really surprised with the amount of big DJs that showed early support for the track, like Dubdogz, KVSH and Vintage Culture.
Turning our focus to your work as a DJ, how would you describe your sound?
As a DJ I always try to read what the crowd is expecting from me. I have my music production near what I grew up listening to, but with some current textures. House and tech house has been in my life for forever and being able to play a mix of these genres in my sets is what moves me.
How does your Spotlight Mix compare to what we might hear live from you in a club?
The Spotlight Mix is pretty close to what I’ve been playing at clubs and parties all around, but depending on the vibe and mood at my live shows, some tracks are better suited (which I did not include in the Spotlight Mix).
Reflecting for a moment, what have been some of your favorite all time gigs, and why?
Looking back on all of the places I've played, a few really touched my heart. Sharing the stage with Erick Morillo on New Year's Eve in Punta Del Este as well as with Steve Angello at Provocateur in São Paulo. Those two artists had a big influence in my career. Having the honor to learn from such a close experience went beyond my expectations.
Now I’m really looking forward to playing at Laroc Club in Valinhos, São Paulo, which will be my first gig of the new year, on January 2nd. I think it’s by far one of the best clubs in Brazil and according to DJMag, 12th best in the world. The crowd energy there is beyond amazing.
Looking closer at your setlist, can you highlight three tracks included in your mix and why they stand out? 
I would love to talk about every track I've chosen, so to select only three is a hard task. One of the tracks I’ve been playing a lot now is the recently released “Alive” by Zerb. This track has a distinct trumpet that I love.
The second track I would mention is “Would I Lie” by Daft Hill, a remake from this Brazilian artist who I met not long ago in Brasilia. Daft Hill is a great producer and has been standing out so quickly in the scene.
The third and last track which stands out is “Move Your Body” by Öwnboss. A great banger released by Armada that every time I play, the crowd goes crazy.
We’re now over a year and half deep into the ongoing battle with Covid. What have been some of the key lessons you’ve learned about yourself in that time?
This has been a very complicated time gap both for the music and event sectors. I helped many colleagues who were experiencing difficulties, not only financially, but especially mentally. I admit that I went through a lot of bad moments as well, since 2019 was one of the most intense years of my career and this contrast made everything even worse. Above all, I believe that it was a year with much reflection, and without a doubt made us stronger and much more human.
During this time we’ve also seen the continued rise of the electronic scene in Brazil, with growing worldwide attention for the country's music and artists. How do you view the development of the electronic music scene in Brazil and globally?
Electronic music in Brazil is pretty young and to see artists like Alok, Vintage Culture and many more appearing at big international clubs and on festival lineups shows that the Brazilian scene is on the rise. In the same direction, we can see a lot of Brazilian producers releasing tracks in both American and European labels, with loads of support from big names like Tiësto.
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis? What are some goals that you have in mind for 2022?
Exercise, getting quality food and sleep, as well as working with great people! Looking back right now, after 12 years as a DJ, I realise that consistency is key. I’ve been on a long journey trying to find the tone and sound in my music, trying to bring out and show my identity to the world. That constantly evolving search for discovery aligned with fan and audience feedback is what keeps me motivated in the long run. For 2022 I'll keep this search going.
Thank you so much for having me.

Bruno Be, Sandeville & Alexandra Prince - "So Many Times" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today:
Connect with Sandeville: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram
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