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Feb 19, 2021

Cloonee's 'Sun Goes Down' Exclusive Mix & Interview

To celebrate Cloonee’s massive hit “Sun Goes Down,” we’ve teamed up for a huge Exclusive Mix. Get ready for ID heaven, as Cloonee drops 10 unreleased tunes in his live set from Sheffield club Dryad Works. Our interview looks closer at his latest Beatport Overall #1, working with classic vocals, hitting one million monthly listeners on Spotify and some of his upcoming heat! Turn it up!
Cloonee, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate “Sun Goes Down”! You hit the #1 Top Overall Track spot on Beatport with the release. What’s the response been like through your eyes?
Thank you very much! Yeah it’s been wild to be honest. Fans and myself included have been waiting for two years for this record to come out, there were moments where I was worried that it might have lost its hype because of the wait for release. But, it’s actually done even better now than I thought it would be back when people first heard it so I’m really pleased with that!
Talk to us about the initial inspiration for the record. How did you imagine reinventing “The Sound Of Violence”? When you work with such a classic vocal, do you feel any sort of extra pressure?
There’s definitely pressure working with vocals of that calibre, but it’s something I’ve always loved to do so I actually get super excited when I find a gem of a vocal. The most important thing though is to build your track around the vocal, instead of just sticking the vocal on top of any old beat! That’s the difference between a good and bad edit in my books.
The initial inspiration was that I’d heard the original out and about and made a note of it in my phone, that's how I get most of my ideas to be honest. I could hear a record in a supermarket or down the boozer, wherever really. But after I found the acappella it gave me a really summery outdoor vibe so that's what I followed with the beat.
You like to work with a lot of vocals and sometimes that means the need to be extra patient while getting samples cleared. What was the wait like for this record to come out?
Yeah it’s the bane of mine and my manager's life aha! This wait was unusually long, the thing that made it seem worse was that the track was already circulating on the underground so I had people messaging everyday about it.
It was definitely worth the wait though! And also I think people are now starting to realise more that getting clearance is part of the process for these sorts of records so they’re a lot more understanding about the waiting.
Turning our attention to your live stream, how did the club set up come together and what was your mindset heading into the mix?
To be honest I just wanted to play a set of tunes that I’d like to hear in a mix. It’s weird with live streams because there isn’t really the element of playing to the crowd as such because there's no crowd to read signals from! 
So yeah it's just a mixture of tunes I really like and a lot of unreleased bits from myself and other favourite artists. Out the 14 tracks, 10 are unreleased!
Can you highlight three tracks included in your set and why they stand out to you?
Firstly the opening track is a new one of mine called “Pop It.” It’s one of my favourite tunes I’ve made to date and a bit different to my other tracks. I really fuck with it and I hope everyone else does too!
Secondly, about halfway through there’s a tune with a big Spanish sounding horn sample which is an ID, but it’s a collaboration between two artists that people have been asking for, for a while.
Lastly, the final tune in the mix is Paleman’s “Beezledub.” I remember this tune used to get the wildest reaction a few years back whilst I was at university. I’ve always wanted to play it live so thought I’d slip it in at the end!
We’re sure being back in the club brought back some memories and you’re missing live shows just as much as we are. So reflecting for a minute, what were two of your favorite shows of all time and why?
One of my favourite shows was actually the last show I played before Covid lockdowns. I was on tour in Australia and the final show was at Chinese Laundry (pictured below). The show sold out and was wall to wall in there, literally sweat dripping off the roof. But that was the first show down there I’d sold out so it was pretty crazy to me to do that on the other side of the world!
Another personal favourite was my first time in Brazil. That was the first long haul flight I got to a show, I took one of my mates with me and we had a great time. The set started at like 7am and finished at 10am, was outdoors and packed again!
Looking ahead, you mentioned on socials that your next release is easily your favorite track you’ve ever made! What can you tell us about that one?
Yeah so it’s due out on March 12th on my label CLNE! That’s where I release a load of my own tunes that are a bit more experimental. 
It’s been stuck in my head for weeks though, that’s usually the sign of a good track so I’m super excited!
And moving forward in this time without shows, how are you keeping yourself motivated and on track? How have you adjusted your goals for the Cloonee project and what are two things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year?
We’ve been focusing heavily on streaming numbers, especially Spotify and have seen massive improvement there! I think now people are streaming music more than ever as they can’t go out to listen to anything live.
One main goal was to hit 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify which I just have, that number’s crazy to me!
But to be honest the only goal I try to stick to every year is just to continue growing as an artist. Keeping it simple like that is what works best for me!
You can download/stream Cloonee's "Sun Goes Down" on your platform of choice today!
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Full tracklist info available at Cloonee - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2021-02-19
Cloonee Pop It Artwork
Cloonee - Pop It CLNE
Brisotti - Tripasia
1 DJAB7 (22)
Brisotti - Kebab
1 tbhitsfahim (2.6k)
ID - Vibesville
1 system
12 Pre-Save 7
Drunk & Play - Dale
1 system
Pre-Save 7
ID - Bustin
1 system
14 Pre-Save 10
21 Pre-Save 12
Brisotti - Mindmelt
1 tbhitsfahim (2.6k)
Pre-Save 12
Sergio Sergi Stay With Me Artwork
Sergio Sergi - Stay With Me RAWTHENTIC
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Blackchild workandworkagain Artwork
Blackchild - workandworkagain
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ID - Holla
1 system
8 Pre-Save 6
ID - Chill Bill
1 system
9 Pre-Save 7
Eddy M No Time To Talk Artwork
Eddy M - No Time To Talk MUSE
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Paleman - Beezledub
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