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Live From Ultra Japan: Kayzo

Sep 23, 2019
Live From Ultra Japan: Kayzo
Kayzo has enjoyed a landmark year as the budding American star brings an unmatched blend of dubstep, hardstyle, pop punk, trap, house, and electro to electrify the crowd. His sets are not to be missed and he proved himself ready to dominate the Ultra Mainstage earlier this summer when he closed the Mainstage at Ultra Korea to rave reviews. Minutes ahead of his Mainstage performance at Ultra Japan we sat down with Hayden to get a closer look at his love for Tokyo, his new album, and the biggest tracks in his sets!
Let’s start out by talking about your work with Ultra this year – it’s been massive! You had a great set on the Worldwide Stage at Ultra Miami and then kicked things up another gear closing out the Mainstage at Ultra Korea this summer. Can you recap those to set the stage for your performance today?
I’ve really enjoyed the support and hospitality from Ultra this year. As you said Ultra Miami and the Worldwide stage, always epic. And then Ultra Korea was unexpectedly better than I could have ever imagined in terms of being able to close things out. So memorable.
I can’t wait to do Ultra Japan today. It’s been a year since I’ve been back to Japan and I’m just so happy to be back here. It’s maybe my favorite country in the world and in my favorite city in the world, Tokyo.

What makes Tokyo, Japan, and your fans here so special?
You can talk all day about the food, the nightlife, the arcades, the culture, but the people are what really make it special. They’re some of the most supportive, nice, respectful, courteous fans and human beings that I’ve ever met. I always feel so welcomed when I come here by anyone and everyone.
Do you have anything special planned for today’s set?
I’ve been working on a bunch of new music, especially since Ultra Korea, so we’ll see. I’m also thinking to play a lot of the Unleashed album since it just came out and I haven’t had a chance to play it in Asia yet with it being out. Excited to do that especially! Just a lot of new music.

As you mentioned you recently dropped your Unleashed album. What are one or two tracks from the album that are your favorite to play live?
There’s all the hardcore, energy stuff that is obviously a lot of fun, but I would say playing “Cruel Love” is really special. I’ve also started playing out “LA Never Says Goodbye,” one of the more emotional tracks from the album and that one has been a lot of fun to play now that it’s released.
That track is a favorite of ours from the album too! Could you tell us a bit more about your relationship with Kyle Pavone and what it means to you to have “LA Never Say Goodbye” out following his tragic death last year.
Being able to put that song out in memory of Kyle and in his honor and with the blessing of his family is just really special to me. I had been a big fan of him and his band We Came As Romans for a really long time. Even though he’s not here, I always feel like he is when I play the song. It feels like he’s up there watching and supporting me and it’s so awesome. It’s all love.
As evidenced by that track, a host of your other collaborations, and your DJ sets, you’re all about bringing pop punk into the dance music scene. Do you think that genre blending mentality is received the same way here in Japan as it is in the States?
I know that Japan has a pretty good scene for rock and metal so we’ll find out. Even if it’s not an area that may not be as receptive, I still try and play it and bring something different and new. I want to give my fans and people who don’t know me as well something different to listen to in my sets. I like being able to give them something that they maybe didn’t even realize they liked.
And lastly, what’s one of your go-to secret weapons from your summer sets?
I have an unreleased collab with Subtronics that people have been really, really wanting and that’s going off super well. It’s newer – I’ve really only been playing it from the second half of the summer on, but ever since we teased it and performed it together people have been hyped up. It really goes off every time!
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