R-Wan Unleashes "Holy Drums"

Sep 12, 2018
R-Wan Unleashes "Holy Drums"
R-Wan has already enjoyed a massive 2018 including securing his first ever #1 on the iTunes Dance Chart in France with his Busta Rhymes collaboration “Bottles Up,” and now he’s back with a brand new festival weapon, “Holy Drums.” Meant for the biggest stages, the new track has become a weapon in his summer sets and we were excited to get an inside look at the “Holy Drums” and R-Wan’s summer to remember.
Thanks for joining us today R-Wan! Reflecting a bit at the end of summer, how's the season been for you? What were some highlights?
This has been my best year so far! I’ve released so many tracks with one collab featuring Busta Rhymes securing my first ever number #1 spot on the iTunes Dance Charts in France. I also played at the best festival in the world, Tomorrowland – it has really been a great 2018. 
We're here today celebrating your new single “Holy Drums,” definitely a track meant for peak time club floors and festival mainstages! Can you tell us some about the inspiration and vision for the production at the outset?
I love to play drums, so the inspiration came from a previous track with Awiin and MC Stik-E call “Boom Boom.” That track was a big success, so I just continued on that vibe and it’s still sounding fresh.
How'd the track develop into the final product that we hear today?
In the original version I had a female singer feature, though it didn't match so I took a sample instead – pitched it and looped it in the final track that you hear now.
What's one of your favourite elements in the production?
My favourite element is the second part of the drop, I mixed multiple types of drums to achieve the sound. 
How have you been using the track in your sets and what's the reception been like?
I currently play the track at every show and the result is amazing. It is not too aggressive and is the perfect weapon for an electronic crowd.
Looking deeper into your summer sets, what have been two more must play tracks or artists and why?
“Bottles Up” feat. Big Ali and Busta Rhymes :) Because it’s another of my latest tracks and it's a club banger. It’s a mix between urban & electro and it works really well. The second one is “Holy Drums,” I've tested it in every show since I started working on it to know if I had to tweak, make any adjustments or add something to it. 
You've recently also had the chance to work with two outstanding male vocalists, Fatman Scoop and Busta Rhymes. Can you tell us some about those opportunities and the corresponding tracks?
Fatman Scoop is an old friend, we’ve been connected since 2004 actually, so we’re always in contact. We produced a track in 2013 called “WTF” and we had great success so we decided to come up with a new project and we dropped “On The Ground.”
Concerning Busta Rhymes, Big Ali was in the club with him and they discussed a potential collaboration. Once they come up with the vocals Big Ali contacted me to work on the beat and production.
What has you excited as we head into the fall?
I have some radio weapons in my studio computer coming up this year and also a collab with other big names. I really can't wait to share that with you guys!
You can buy or stream your copy of R-Wan - "Holy Drums" on your platform of choice today! http://smarturl.it/restricted004
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