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May 20, 2016

Lucas & Steve Premiere Music Video For "Can't Get Enough"


Enjoy the new music video for Lucas & Steve's latest hit single while you check out our interview with the guys to get the story behind "Can't Get Enough."



What was the inspiration for the track?
When we’re not on tour, we try to be in the studio working on our productions. We wrote the track during one of these days in the morning. It almost went automatically, the production followed during the weeks afterwards.

Where does the "Can’t Get Enough" vocal come from?
We chose not to use an already existing sample and got together with a really talented singer/songwriter named Kye Sones. He delivered the vocals.

How does it feel having huge artist support on the track (W&W, Sam Feldt, Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, etc.)?
We are really excited about the support we already received for "Can’t Get Enough." There are quite some legends on there. It feels great! It’s not the first time they picked up one of our tracks, but we think this is one of the biggest support lists we've ever gotten for a track so far.

What’s the reception like when you play the track out? How do you use it in your sets? 
We use the track at peaktime during our sets. The response has been great from the first time we played the track. It’s always a special moment, playing a new track that nobody in the crowd has ever heard before. If it’s received well, that’s a great sign!

Do you remember the first time you played it and the response? 
Yes, strangely people started singing along some parts during break two. Probably remembered it from the first break :-) The track has a lot of energy which worked really well since the first time we played it. We announced that it was our new track and the crowd exploded.

What role did you guys have with the music video? 
The video was partly recorded in ZigZagClub in Paris. We discussed some ideas with the video director and we’re really happy with the result!  

What kind of a vibe were you trying to create with the track? How do you think the music video captures that? 
Energy! We wanted to create a feel good track which has the power to rock the festivals. The video definitely covers that if you ask us!

Are there any other comments on the song or music video you guys would like to share? 
See/listen for yourself ;-)!
Connect with Lucas & Steve: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud  
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