Inside The EP: Younjosh Talks 'Young Legend'

Jan 12, 2021
Inside The EP: Younjosh Talks 'Young Legend'
Today we’re joined by Younjosh who’s celebrating his new three track EP. While under quarantine last year, he poured his heart and soul into the ‘Young Legend’ EP, and the work shows! His interview gives us an inside look at his musical and cultural influences coming to life, his drive to be different, and some previous career highlights. Turn it up and enjoy! 
Hey Younjosh, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
I’m Younjosh Chrys Marley, born in the Caribbean, raised in Paris and Atlanta, Georgia, and now based in southern California. I’m a producer, songwriter, remixer, DJ and brand ambassador.
Going all the way back, when did you first get started with DJing and producing? What made you want to pursue this as a career? 
I came from a big family filled with musicians so I’ve been playing the drums and singing literally my whole life. I started at church as a band maestro and I always have had a passion to make others happy through music. Making people dance always been a priority for me too.
I have produced and technically been writing my whole life, but I started my DJ career back in 2002 during my last year of high school. We had a party and for some reason our DJ did not show up. Everyone knew that I’ve always been good with music and have a good music selection, so I just took over the night. It was my first DJ gig ever. My friends all then encouraged me to become a DJ and since then I’ve never looked back.
Tell us about your latest EP, Young Legend. How did you choose the name? What made you want to release these tracks together as an EP? 
I’m a big fan of house music. I grew up listening to house music from a very early age and they used to call me the young Erick Morillo back in the day. I always push myself to drop an EP or even an album every year, but this one is very special to me. Since I was little I always considered myself a legend – I do things very differently and I always believe in myself. I don’t like doing things the way anyone else is and it’s the main reason that I’m still independent. My grandma used to always tell me that I was a young legend growing up so the idea was always there. Then as my role model and mentor sadly passed away last August, I told my myself that I’m gonna make a whole EP in memory of Erick Morillo whom I learned everything from. We had a chance to meet way back and he’s always been like a father to me. He’s even played some of my music at his shows which is very cool. When I heard the news I was devastated. He always told me “music don’t stop”... you always have to keep pushing and keep thriving so I took that as a motivation to get in the studio and work on tracks for the EP.
Can you give us a breakdown on the tracks on the EP and what the production process was like for each? 
Young Legend is very special to me as I mainly produced all three tracks (track 2 is co-produced by my friend and young producer Souto). I make sure to capture the complete picture of my sound. If you pay attention to track one, “Calor,” it has a lot of percussion where I was trying to bring the Ibiza vibes. The second track, “Rio,” is very modern commercial summer kind of house music vibe. And the third is a record that I dedicated to my mentor Erick with a lot of melody. It was very emotional for me making this record as I sample the “I miss you” vocals throughout the four minute song. I also added a Turkish chord in the hook which sounds very original and I’m all about creating new sounds and being different when it comes to making music. Originality is a big thing for me!
How would you describe your style as a DJ?
As a DJ I’m true open format. I’ve lived in so many places and I’m very cultural so I like playing different genres and that’s one of the biggest things for me. I can blend everything together which makes my sets very fun. 
I grew up playing house music and then I started evolving. I blend a little big room and even combine some hip hop in between just to make it fun as I spent part of my career down south (Atlanta) where hip hop is very big so I had to challenge myself a bit. I love Latin music as my background is Haitian and Cuban, and I always make sure I blend in some Latin sounds into my sets.
What's your all-time favorite gig that you had the opportunity to perform at? 
Through the years I’ve played a lot of exciting gigs, from underground raves in Paris and NYC at the beginning of my career to later headline clubs like Fantasia in the UK, Space Ibiza, Club Opera & Havana club in Atlanta, and Liv in Miami. One of my favorite experiences was at EDC Las Vegas as one of my good friends asked me to join him on stage to perform a few records and introduce me to the crowd.
While 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, what were some of your highlights? 
2020 was a very difficult year, but I’m a strong person and I like a challenge so I’ve kept my head high and worked on music. 2020 was the year I produced the most songs I ever have in one year as I had a lot of time home while quarantining. I had the chance to perform in a few cities that were open (Atlanta, Miami, Houston) and I’ve been moving around a lot to and from California with the west coast completely shut down. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason so I saw this year as a reset. I had a lot of time so I used it to perfect my sound. In the end it wasn’t a bad year for me because I learned a lot of new stuff.
And as we look ahead to brighter times, what has you excited for this year?
This year I’m very excited to see the outcome of my new EP and I’m planning on dropping a summer anthem around May... or I may even drop a whole album at the end of this year. Hopefully all of the venues can open back up so I can perform my music for my fans and I have so many unreleased records that I could drop two albums lol. I hope everyone enjoys the new EP as I put my all in it. I’m always gonna work hard for the house music community and help the upcoming DJs and producers like Erick did for me...
You can steam Younjosh's 'Young Legend' EP on Spotify here!
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