Luca Guerrieri - It Never Ends

Jun 03, 2019
Luca Guerrieri - It Never Ends
Today we’re joined by Luca Guerrieri, who’s fresh off the release of his 15-track album titled It Never Ends! There was plenty for us to discuss with respect to the album, and Luca gave us some insight into how these tracks came to life and what it means for him to release music in this form. Luca also shared some of his highlights over the years and some exciting things to come in the months ahead.
Hey Luca, thanks for joining us today! You've just released a 15-track album titled It Never Ends, so huge congrats from us on that! How does it feel to put out such a large body of work?
Hi everybody and thank you 1001Tracklists for having me! It's a great pleasure.
The album release has been really satisfying, mostly because the feedback has been really, really positive. It means that the message I had in my heart is arriving to the people who listen to the album.
What made you want to release an album, and what do you think ties these tracks together as album tracks?
I wanted to produce something that could include the last 25 years of my musical ideas. It was not easy at all to select “only” 15 tracks, but I'm really proud of the album.
Do you have any favorite track(s) from the album to play out in your sets, and why?
If I play an “aggressive” set, I usually prefer three tracks: “Tears,” “Involved,” and “Go Back.” But closing a set with “It Never Ends” is really fantastic!
Can you talk about the different genres and sounds that you were going for with the album and how you feel that this showcases your diverse musical tastes?
As a DJ, I began playing funk, soul and acid jazz. Then artists like Mousse T or David Morales took me into the world of house music. More recently, thanks to Eric Prydz, I fell in love with those electronic sounds that use a lot of melody too. I think that you can clearly hear all of this in It Never Ends.
Can you pick three tracks from the album that you especially like and tell us the story behind how these tracks came to life?
“Colony” was born right after I watched a movie, Scarface.
“Tears,” was actually the follow-up to “Harmony.” The label chose not to release it, so I released it on my Claps Records label.
Movies are really important for me. I produced “Synthesis” pretending I had to write a brand new soundtrack for Blade Runner... Every single track on this album tells the story of a small fragment of my life.
What have been some of your highlights so far in 2019? Any special moments, places you've traveled to, or anything else that really stands out for you?
If I look back, I see many many pages written in my book in 2019 and in the previous years. There are so many beautiful moments. I will always remember November 28, 2014, when Pete Tong played “Harmony” for the first time on BBC Radio 1. My Twitter account simply got crazy in a couple of minutes!  Another great moment was when Danny Howard interviewed me on BBC Radio 1 or when Nora En Pure played “Tears” at Tomorrowland... I lived many bad moments too, but I'm proud of everything I did because it was what I needed to get here today... and to be able to release a project like It Never Ends.
And lastly, is there anything that has you particularly excited for the summer months ahead?
There are so many good things coming. From the 25th to the 27th of June I will organize for the third year in a row Meet Music, a free meeting for aspiring professionals in dance music and clubbing. It's held in Follonica, my hometown, which is in Maremma, in the South of Tuscany.
Another very exciting thing is the production of my brand new party, Yellow. It will begin next summer, also in Maremma. We'll dance every Sunday at Capannina – Castiglione della Pescaia.
You can buy or stream your copy of It Never Ends today!
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