Sep 20, 2016

Showtek Troll Social Media Generation With "Swipe"

DJ and producer duo Showtek join us to discuss their hit track "Swipe" that trolls today’s social media generation. They discuss their own use of social media, working with Eva Shaw on this track and more!  
You guys have been producing music for a long time - how has the rise of social media played a role in your music careers (positively or negatively)? In general, in the dance music scene, do you think some of the focus has been shifted away from the music itself?
Building your profile as an artist is a choice. You can do it multiple ways. We want to be known for our music of course, but that's not enough to relate to if you look at it from a fan’s perspective. Besides the fact that social media is a great way to promote music and events, the fun part is that we can show people and fans our personality behind the music. There is always going to be lovers and haters online because as an artist you are exposing yourself to all of that; which isn’t always easy for everybody. Like it or not, it’s an easy way of communicating for people. It’s a great way, especially for new talent without huge power, to build their own fanbase online.
How do you guys use social media currently? Do you expect your use to change anytime soon?
We all listen to music and we all do know those songs, but often we don’t really know who the face is behind the music. For that, social media is a great way to give your fans or potential fans a little closer look at the real you. Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram definitely help you show your fans what’s going on at a show, in the studio or what your family is like. We try to show a combination of our personal lives and our work.
Real life soaps became huge like 20 years ago and this is sort of a mini cut version of it. Following the lives of people with extraordinary daily experiences on social media.
How did you pick Tinder, twerking, and Instagram as mediums to poke fun at?
It's a skewed perspective on society, it generates a lot of pressure especially on those who might be insecure on how they look or what clothes they wear. Instagram, for example, portrays a lot of celebs or Instagram models 'half naked,' all done up or acting crazy, presenting themselves a certain way and pretending to be very popular. Especially if this creates a lot of likes and hype, this could make younger girls maybe feel like they have to be, look or dress a certain way. Perception is reality, that’s how it works for people.
Where did the the samples come from? Did you guys pick the phrasing for any particular reason?  
We recorded these in the studio with Eva Shaw, who we worked with on the production side of the song. As you might know we have worked on a few songs together (“Space Jungle” & “N2U”), and when she heard the idea we had in mind with the original demo, she added her idea to create this weird and annoying Instagram character to it. So she laid down the vocals. We were dying laughing making this, it was so much fun!
What was the inspiration behind the production for this track? How do the electro and trap elements tie in with the vocal samples?
There’s a few songs we’ve released like “Booyah” or “Bouncer” with tempo changes. We love doing that, it takes out the 4/4 and makes you dance to different grooves in one song. The song kind of needed that “trap” beat after the electro drop, we noticed girls like to dance to that rhythm too. After it goes into the break again where it builds up into that BIG Showtek sound on every dancefloor!
What's it been like playing this song out?
We always try out songs for a couple of weeks before we release them and we wanted to do another club song with a typical Showtek sound in it. It has so much energy that we loved it the first time we played it. It can be great in the studio, but the energy is always different on stage; that’s why some songs don’t work on the dance floor, but sound great at home or when you're in the car. Producing dance music also requires an ear for what sounds good energy wise, not just sonically.
How have you been using “Swipe” in your sets since then? What’s the reception been like?
People go nuts :-) The song has that BIG Showtek sound, our fans love that! Besides that, the lyrics are so unique, it’s actually funny to see people’s facial expressions hearing the song for the first time.
What does the rest of 2016 hold for you guys?
We are really excited for our new song with Major Lazer that's coming at the end of September, and also be prepared for a lot of new and fresh sounding songs. They will cleanse the pallet for sure.
Connect with Showtek: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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