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Julian Jordan's Exclusive Mix

Feb 05, 2018
Julian Jordan's Exclusive Mix
Julian Jordan’s year is off to a fast start. With an intense run of shows in Asia under his belt as well as the release of his club weapon “Ghost,” Julian took some time to craft his Exclusive Mix and catch up with us in his interview. He highlighted his new track and big plans for his label Goldkid Records as well as his intense desire to stay personally connected with his fans. Turn it loud and enjoy the best of Julian Jordan!  
How do you approach your DJ sets?
I don’t really think about what kind of tracks I’m going to play when I’m DJing. Of course I’m going to play my own tracks, but when I play in a club I just love to improvise and look at the crowd. What is the crowd going to like, what is the crowd responding well to, what do they respond less well to? So basically I just really like to see what the crowd wants and then play with the music and crowd. I try to tell them a story in my sets. If they only want bangers I will play only bangers, but just the tracks that I really like. When they like the more groovy stuff I would play a set with a few bangers, a few groove tracks. So each and every set is different.
Can you highlight three artists within your mix and why they stand out to you?
One artist has to be Brooks. Brooks is a really great guy I met in Ibiza this summer and he’s done really well together with Martin Garrix also. I’ve been playing his tracks for quite some time – he has really good quality in his tracks which is unbelievable. He’s an upcoming talent for sure. I like to play his tracks because they have an energy which is perfect for festivals as well as clubs – it’s the best combination for both and that’s why I like his music so much!
Another producer that I’ve been playing a lot is Madison Mars. He makes the perfect club tracks. He has a really unique style and I think he created his own style so that is pretty cool because you don’t see that a lot these days. I play all of his tracks no matter where I am in the world – a really good guy with top notch, quality music.
And then let me think about the third one... it’s hard because I play a lot of music from a lot of different artists. There is this new guy on my label called Timo Hendriks who is an amazing guy and producer and he’s actually from the same city as where I’m from. Crazy because it’s a really small city in The Netherlands. He recently had a few releases on my label Goldkid and is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.
Your latest production “Ghost” marks a return to banging club records for you. What was the initial inspiration and your vision for the track?
The intention in making “Ghost” was actually just that. I wanted to make a banging club record that really fit my sets and the sound that I like right now. I think this is something new and refreshing. A lot of big DJs have been playing it, like Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike [full support list]. I hope it’s one of those tracks that stands out and will for sure go off in a club, but also at a festival. I feel it’s good for both. I will be playing this track all winter and summer! I was just playing it during my China tour and luckily it really goes off.
Is this track any indication of what we can expect from you production wise this year? We heard you’ve got some big collaborations upcoming?
It is absolutely something you can expect from me in the future. This style is really something I like. That said, you can always expect surprises from me, different styles and different genres. But I have to say that this is something I really love and I think I created something completely new and refreshing so I will keep doing tracks like “Ghost,” just maybe with bits and influences from other genres.
What plans do you have for your label this year? Can we expect more solo releases from other artists such as the slick Alpharock track that dropped mid December?
The label is going to make great steps this year. It all went great last year, but this is going to be super sick. “Ghost” is out on Goldkid, and I’ll continue to put out solo tracks on the label, but we have some big collaborations with other artists coming on the label. My goal for the label is to inspire other DJs so that they can put their music out. I’m open to everything as long as it has good quality and I really like it. When you have a track which is truly good enough to be released, send it to me because we are going to be next level this year and it’s going to be wild.
You mentioned on social media wanting to do more live streams and more in the studio videos. Can you talk about the motivation behind that and connecting with your fans in that respect?
It is really important to be in touch with my fans. On tour it is hard to do it because of the hectic travel schedule. Whenever I’m on tour, I feel disconnected with the fans even though I’m playing for a lot of people. So what I’m trying to do this year is when I have free time and I’m home, I want to do studio sessions with my fans, I want to do more Instagram live sessions, and I want to talk with them and answer their questions. I love answering questions, it is important to keep in touch with my fans because I get a certain energy out of it. Good vibes! I’m just a normal guy too.
Aside from the productions and label, how’s the rest of your year shaping up? What are two goals you are hoping to achieve this year?­
I just want to keep doing what I love the most, and that’s making music, travelling the world and meeting loads of great people on my journey. We will still work really hard with the whole team to deliver some next level stuff, just keep an eye out for us this year!
You can buy/stream your copy of “Ghost” on the platform of your choice today!
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