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Bart B More Talks His New Mixtape Series

May 05, 2016
Bart B More Talks His New Mixtape Series

We are proud to present the first of a new series with Bart B More discussing his career and Mixtape series. Enjoy the third volume of his mixtape series which dropped today while you learn why he started the mixtapes, how he selects music, and offers some advice for sending him music.
Starting the Mixtape Series
I think I never really got to showcase my DJ profile as much as my producer profile. I’ve been lucky to already have quite a long career in dance music. Until now, my main focus has always been on productions and to be honest, it still is. But I also wanted to put a little more emphasis on my DJing.
In all the years that I’ve been DJing, there have been nights where I only play for an hour and I play my own stuff and the big bangers. There have also been nights where I was booked for an hour or two and ended up playing for three or four hours because the promoter said if you want to keep playing that’s totally cool. When you end up playing for like four hours you really go a bit deeper, you break things down and build it up again, you play some more classics and not just the obvious tracks. I think that’s what I kind of miss. I want to put my productions out there and say this is what I like, this is my sound, but there is so much good music out there these days that I also want to showcase that and emphasize what I like and what my taste is.
I feel like I’ve experienced a lot for someone who has been in dance music for over ten years. From that point of view, I think that I can showcase a lot of cool, new music without going for the usual suspects. I think the show is a great way to discover new music. If a track is really good and everyone is playing, that won’t stop me from playing it as well, but it’s really easy to play all the sure shots. What I want to accomplish with the show is to find really cool, new music and let people get familiar with new sounds and my style as well.
Selecting Tracks
Finding the music for a biweekly show is a fun thing that comes with doing the show. I usually get sent a lot of music by DJ/producer friends and there is a lot of good stuff within that bunch of music. But I also just go search the Internet and look for random tracks by talents. I listen to a lot of mixes and use 1001tracklists for that as well. I just want to find really cool new music that no one has heard before.
I just go digging, that’s what I miss and really enjoy doing lately. The digging for new undiscovered music. When I started DJing, I started with vinyl. You would go to a record store and dig through crates to find the hidden gems. Now with the Internet, it’s so easy to have access to music. It makes it a bit harder to find the gems and the tracks that no one has. I think it’s a lot of fun and gives me a lot of inspiration for my productions as well.
Showcasing Bart B More Productions vs. the Music of Others
It’s kind of hard because I’m doing this biweekly and I don’t release a track every two weeks. This week, for example, I have an older remix in this mix. I try to always sneak my music in there because obviously I want people to hear it.
The Flow of the Mixtapes
It’s come a bit naturally, but I’ve always been kind of in between underground dance music and mainstream dance music. I’ve always felt the pressure to go in one direction or the other, but at one point I just said, "No, I’m not going to, why do I have to choose if I like both?" If I like both, I should just do both. I love underground, repetitive, jacking house music, but I also like some of the more, sort of bangers, which are considered to be more mainstream. So in my mixes I had this idea that I would start off with the groovy stuff, with a bit longer mixes, then near the end I would go into the bangers. That’s what I like as well, you get people to listen to both. People who are interested in the mixes because of the big tracks and bangers also might get into the deeper stuff and vice versa.



Are there any particular songs or artists in the mix you would like to highlight? If so, why?
I think all of the tracks in the mix are awesome, but I would like to give a special mention to The Voyagers with their track Relics. The Voyagers are two guys from my city (Utrecht). I actually met one of the guys three years ago at a producers masterclass where I was helping out, and it’s really cool to see them making big waves now! Their sound reminds me a bit of my older sound, but they definitely made it more current with their own twists. I really respect it when producers take influence and inspiration from current sounds, but never copy anything. That’s always been my approach as well.
Are any of these tracks big hits in your live sets?
I definitely play all of these out! I like to switch up the energy levels in my DJ sets. So I would lay down some cool grooves like the Taiki Nulight & Low Steppa, Friendless and Wood Holly tracks for example; build up to the big bangers like the Bougenvilla/Voyagers/Chocolate Puma & Oliver Heldens tracks, and maybe break it down again. If the vibe of the room allows me to, I love to play some techno in between also, like the Craig Williams & Gunrose and Sluggers tracks. It is not the sound I am most known for (I think), but I try not to let certain expectations limit me from playing tracks that I love, regardless of genre. I also love to play the occasional classic, so I must have played Around the World by Daft Punk hundreds of times over the years...
Sending Bart Music
It would be nice to mention my promo email as well, in case anyone reading this wants to send me some music - I’m really into bassy, house music, anything that is cool. It needs to be a bit raw or rough, like raw dance music. It needs to have a little bit of edge. It’s so hard to explain. There is so much house music coming out now with the house music revival, but some of it just sounds too polished and too nice. It’s too sweet. I need it to be a bit raw, music that has some balls and some oomph!
Be sure to check back in two weeks when the next mixtape and our next story with him drops!

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Bart B More - Mixtapes 003 2016-05-05
Fabron ft. Smokahontas - The Night [VICIOUS BITCH]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
1 Save
WatchTheDuck ft. Pharrell Williams - Stretch 2-3-4 (Boots N Pants Remix) [DIM MAK]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
18 Pre-Save
Taiki Nulight & Low Steppa - Piano Cannon [NIGHT BASS]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
18 Save
Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell Williams - WTF (Where They From) (Chris Lake Remix) [ATLANTIC (WARNER MUSIC)]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
89 Save
Friendless - Actin' Up [BE RICH]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
21 Save
Wood Holly - Booty Camp
Zinderlong (76.1k)
5 Pre-Save
Sluggers - Nostromo [FOOL'S GOLD]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
3 Save
Craig Williams & GunRose - Don't Go
Zinderlong (76.1k)
1 Pre-Save
CHARMES ft. Da Professor - Ready [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
138 Save
The Voyagers - Relics [FREE]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
13 Pre-Save
Reid Stefan - Yezzur (Scuba Casa Remix / Chocolate Puma 124 Private Edit) [BANZAI RECS]
Vertex (61.7k)
7 Pre-Save
Bougenvilla & Out Of Cookies - Break It Down [HELDEEP]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
37 Save
DJ Deeon vs. Lee Walker ft. Katy B & MNEK - Freak Like Me [DEFECTED]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
152 Save
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Chris Lake Bootleg) [REPUBLIC (UMG)]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
27 Pre-Save
Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma - Space Sheep [HELDEEP]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
250 Save
A-Trak ft. Phantogram - Parallel Lines (Bart B More Remix) [FOOL'S GOLD]
Experimentator (10.4k)
6 Save
Martin Solveig ft. Sam White - +1 (Bart B More Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
40 Save
Daft Punk - Around The World [VIRGIN]
Zinderlong (76.1k)
425 Save