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Aug 04, 2021

Catching Up With Brennan Heart

Brennan Heart has been busy making the most of the pandemic-induced break in the music industry! From his collaboration with Armin van Buuren, to the release of his album 'Brennan Heart & Friends', to his major involvement in streaming unique show concepts, he's been providing fans with loads to enjoy at a time when everyone has needed it most. Read on for his story of the past year and a half and a look at the big things still to come from him! 
Hey Fabian, thanks for joining us today! How is your year going so far, and what have been some of your personal/musical highlights?
Thanks for having me! My year is really going great. Last year I tried to catch up with a lot of things, studio-wise, business-wise, also regarding my family and kids – it was good to get a break. I also released an album in 2020, moved to our new studio complex/office, hosted Corona-proof events, and mostly I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio! So 2020 was kinda hectic to be honest, and this year it all feels way more balanced. I also believe that I needed this break to recharge the battery after all these years of touring. Keep in mind that I was on the road 250 days a year doing 150 shows. 
At the moment I try to get the best out of the pandemic, though of course I do miss the real live experience as our music is made for the dancefloor! Even though in some countries it might still take a while, every little step we’re taking right now to go back to ‘normal’ events feels great!
Last year saw you release your Brennan Heart & Friends album. How did the concept for the album come about? And in today's streaming landscape, how did it feel to be able to put out a full album as a body of work?
With Reverze in March 2020 being my last normal event, I’ve already produced quite some tracks, like "Lose It All" and "All On Me" (with Armin van Buuren), which were received really well by the crowd. 
Over the years I’ve made a lot of friends and met other DJs on tour, and most of the time we ended up promising each other to hit the studio. Now without shows I felt it was finally time to make these collaborations happen! 
On Brennan Heart & Friends you’ll find tracks with Armin van Buuren, Jake Reese, Psyko Punkz, Harris & Ford, B-Front, Kayzo, and more, but there’s still so many more on my list so who knows!
In 2020 I hosted one of the first Corona-proof parties in the Lanxess Arena in Germany and a 2nd edition at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam so I'm glad that it wasn't just streaming. Personally, I look for the positive moments in life and Covid really took creativity to a completely new level. With a new album usually comes a release party and lots of events to promote it, so instead we broadcasted a unique live show on Dutch national TV, and it still really felt great to release this album for my fans!
Let's dive into your latest track, "Way Of Life." Where does the vocal come from, and what was it like building the track around the vocal?
First of all, I usually work the other way around! I always make music and try to create a vibe and then I write the vocals to my music. For "Way Of Life," I worked with a Dutch singer. I had this summer / 90s vibe idea with a muted guitar sound that’s inspired by 2000s dance sounds and it all just came together organically with the singer. Now I just can’t wait to play it live!
Last year, as the entire music world shifted its focus into live streaming, you were one of the first big hardstyle artists to start doing really big livestreams. Can you talk about this and what the experience over the last year has been like for you with streaming?
Last year we felt that we had to do something after events weren’t possible anymore. On Friday, my team and I came up with this idea… and on Saturday we went live! Within a day we organized this stream live from an old industrial warehouse that’s next to my manager's office, which was an awesome location! It really felt special to do this for the hardstyle community.
Seeing all of those people joining on Zoom and in the chat rooms made me realize how dedicated our fans truly are. Our music wouldn’t exist without YOU! 
Recently you had the opportunity to do a live stream at the circuit of Zandvoort in The Netherlands where this year’s F1 race will be. We know that you're a massive F1 fan, so this must have been quite the experience for you! Can you take us through the process of how this came to life, and what it was like for you performing from there? 
Before everything is truly back to normal it will take another few months, it doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s why I decided to do one more epic stream which totally suits me personally!
I’ve been a Formula 1 fan since I was a child so I thought it would just be really cool to do it "in the fast lane" at start/finish while cars drive by at high speed. 
The sets of IN THE FASTLANE are already online which you can check them out on YouTube! Also later this year there is something more special coming up *wink*. 
As many people know, you're the owner of the I AM HARDSTYLE label. How is everything going with the label? Are there any artists releasing on the label that you'd like to highlight?
The advantage of not having events and not touring most of the year is that there’s more time to develop behind the scenes! We moved into our new office with three high-end studios and a radio studio which will be finished soon. We’ve expanded our team and we have more time to develop new music with talented artists. Something I always wanted to do, but since we have the new studio/office complex there’s a completely new synergy. To me it’s important to release music that I personally stand by, that’s why we signed Thyron, Clockartz, and Audiotricz to our label! These guys are already on the highest level and I really love their music! There is more label news coming, but you will have to wait and see ;).  
I AM HARDSTYLE is also an events brand. With events hopefully on the cusp of coming back globally, do you have any I AM HARDSTYLE branded events in the works that you can tell us about?  
Definitely! On the 14th of October, we're hosting the 20 Years of Brennan Heart show at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam during ADE 2021. Ever since I started at 18 years old I’ve done quite a lot, so I really want to create an epic evening to celebrate this! We’ve also recently announced our first big indoor show in Germany which we’ll be organizing together with Airbeat One for the 30th of October in Schwerin. On top of that, we’re also working really hard behind the scenes to make I AM HARDSTYLE bigger than ever!
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