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Milk Bar's 'Top 101 Producers' Exclusive Mix

Nov 16, 2020
Milk Bar's 'Top 101 Producers' Exclusive Mix
Today we’re celebrating one of the highest new entrants in the Top 101 Producers 2020. Italian duo Milk Bar burst onto the house music scene in 2019 with one goal in mind, to let their music speak for itself. Remaining anonymous and without social profiles, their club ready beats quickly gained the support from fellow DJs, racking up numerous chart placements on 1001Tracklists as well as Beatport #1 releases. With their placement at #31 in this year’s ranking, we had loads to talk about, highlighting their background, top releases, future plans, and much more!
Marcello, Silvio, thanks for joining us today! We’re so excited to celebrate your incredible year and debut entry in the Top 101 Producers! What was your reaction when you found out you were in the Top 101?
Hi guys, thank you too for the attention you dedicate to our music. As you said, it was an incredible year for us, and we’re thrilled because it’s only the first step. We hope that the best is yet to come! 
We were looking for a trademark to identify a new sound out of our solo careers. At the beginning, it was an experiment, that's the reason why we decided to be anonymous – no photos, no social networks, nothing but our music. Track by track we saw that the interest in our music was growing, and we really have to thank all of DJs and radio hosts who have supported us. We didn’t expect the entry in the Top 101 Producers at #31, we were surprised, it’s a very high position!
How does the accomplishment rank relative to other career milestones? What makes your inclusion in the list important to you?
The Top 101 Producers is based on real stats, it’s not a preference chart. Our inclusion is important because so many DJs all over the world chose to share our music with their audience, which is one of the key points in the dance music promotion chain. The DJ's role is primarily to filter thousands of tracks that are released every week and guide people with their taste.
For those who may not know, you both have a long and extensive background in electronic music. Can you each highlight some about your past and the strengths you bring into Milk Bar?
Marcello is a very experienced technician, he knows how to find the right elements in a track. He did official remixes for Bob Sinclar and for Grammy Winner Dave Aude, just to name a couple of artists. 
Silvio has great skills in finding combinations on the structure of the songs. He also had the pleasure to remix some international artists such as Ultra Nate and Robbie Rivera. We have under our belt almost 20 years of gigs around Italy and elsewhere. 
What made 2019 the right year to launch Milk Bar and what do you think has enabled you to really take things up to another level this year?
It has been a natural evolution of our longtime friendship. To launch a new sound is not easy, we didn’t want people to be influenced by our past success. We felt that something was missing in the club scene: old school flavored house tracks with solid danceable beats. Our tracks are based on two main elements: a catchy vocal phrase and a main lead melody that gets stuck in your head at the very first listen. It's not easy doing that, the risk to be cheesy is just around the corner. 
Being forced to stay at home for the lockdown and the pause from the live gigs helped us to focus all our forces on productions. The sound we built was well received, we studied it down to the smallest detail, it wasn't about luck. With the same thoroughness we are preparing the next releases and the next steps of the project. We’ll start live gigs when they’re ready and only in clubs that we like, where we can be free to express our vision of house music. 
One of your biggest tracks was “Manhattan.” What’s your favorite element in the production and what do you think makes it so accessible to other DJs?
The sax riff is a real killer! The entire production was built around it. The day that we closed the track we felt that something was missing, so we doubled the bassline with a Korg M1 organ and added the vocals “to the beat, the beat beat down”... and the rest is history!
“How Gee” was another big track with lots of fellow artist support and again it was working with Antonio Contino and Santarini. What’s the key to your production chemistry together?
We are good friends, so producing tracks together comes very easily. For the follow-up to “Manhattan,” we decided to do a cover of the 90s hit “How Gee” because it fits perfectly into the “Manhattan” sound style. The producer of the original track, Pippo Landro, is a good friend of mine, and he gave me the clearance without hesitation. 
In these days we’re working on the new track with Santarini, and the sax will be replaced by another instrument. Many musicians are intrigued to mix their performances with our beat... can’t reveal more for now though!
Tell us some more about how you approached crafting Exclusive Mix. How does it compare to a set that you would would DJ live as Milk Bar?
What you hear in the Exclusive Mix and in our monthly podcast Milkshake is exactly what we want to play in the clubs. We edit some tracks if their structure is too long or boring – people need energy. Track by track we want to take those who listen to our music into a journey from ‘90s piano riffs to acid basslines. In this Exclusive Mix you will find three ID tracks. Two of these are upcoming releases by Milk Bar, the other is not produced by us, but will be released next month on Total Freedom Recordings. 
Can you highlight three tracks included in the mix and why they stand out?
Cloonee - “Let's Rave.” We love his sound and we follow Black Book Records with great interest! 
Adelphi Music Factory - “My People” (Love Can Live Forever). All tracks by Adelphi Music Factory have something special.
Wankelmut & Anna Leyne - “Free At Last” (Martin Ikin Remix). Martin’s tracks never miss in our selections, he’s very close to our style. 
With so much experience and history in the new and old world of ‘house music,’ how do you view the state of the genre currently? Where do you see things heading and what has you excited?
The process is always the same: with our experience we try to create unique tracks. Sometimes it happens, sometimes no, but it’s part of the game. Never give up, we always must have in our hands quality productions. 
A successful track may arrive anytime, and most of the time it comes when you’re not expecting it. The Covid-19 pandemic did a little reset in the industry, we hope that our colleagues and labels are taking time to think how to improve the scene. 
We’re excited to know that an anonymous artist with releases only on an Italian Independent label can arrive in the charts at Beatport at #1 and at #31 in the Top 101 Producers. It’s the confirmation that good music never lies.
We want to mention also our friend Josement, a young emerging artist signed to Total Freedom Recordings; he comes from a very small city in Southern Italy. Chris Lake did an edit of his track “All Night Alone” and licensed it on his label Black Book Records. The track has been Beatport #1 for weeks and supported by many heavyweight DJs. 
It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are... do you produce good music? Sooner or later you will have an opportunity!
And finally, after creating such incredible momentum in the project’s debut year, what’s coming up for Milk Bar? Do you have any specific goals that you’re hoping to accomplish in the future?
We’ve created the social networks and we’re thinking about releasing our tracks on other labels, not only on Total Freedom Recordings, but nothing is locked in at the moment. We want also to create free sample packs for our followers. We don’t want to change our sound, rather we wan to keep trying to improve it. We don’t dream to become mainstream, our dimension is the club. 
The new single “House Is A Feeling” will be released on Total Freedom+ on November 30th and then we have a busy schedule of new releases and remixes. 
A specific goal? A higher position in the Top 101 Producers 2021!
Photo Credits: Vincenzo Orlando & Salvatore Calabrese
Connect with Milk Bar: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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