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R3HAB, Clara Mae & Frank Walker Team Up!

Jan 29, 2020
R3HAB, Clara Mae & Frank Walker Team Up!
R3HAB, Clara Mae and Frank Walker have teamed up for an all star collaboration to start the year with “More Than OK.” While everyone had crossed paths before, this is the first time that they’ve all joined forces on a track, and it’s a special one. All three joined us for a triple interview to discuss the experience working on “More Than OK,” their musical inspirations and highlights from last year. 
Hey everyone – thanks for joining us today! Can you tell us the story of how you all came together on “More Than OK”? What was the experience like working together? 
R3HAB: I’ve known Frank for a while and of course have been a fan of Clara’s voice and songs for years. When we got the chance to work together, I didn’t wait one minute. “More Than OK” is a great song with a very relatable message. I’m proud of what we made all together.
Clara Mae: The topline for “More than OK” was originally written by me, Cassandra Ströberg, Victor Thell and Maria Jane Smith (Smith & Thell) a while back. I know R3HAB and Frank got it not long after that. They really worked their magic on the production side and gave the song the last boost for success. 
Frank Walker: I’ve worked with both R3HAB and Clara separately in the past. R3HAB made a massive remix of my single “Heartbreak Back,” and I’ve done song writing with Clara in LA. On top of that they are both crushing it on their own artist projects. When the opportunity came up to work with both of them I jumped at the chance! I love the way the song turned out; it’s the perfect balance of deep, emotional vocals and a chill dance song.
What strengths do you think everyone brings to the table and how do they complement each other?
R3HAB: Well, of course Clara brought her beautiful voice and songwriting skills to the table – Frank’s an underrated up and coming DJ/producer from Canada that everyone should keep an eye on. We also had lots of fun making the video all together – check it out.
Clara Mae: R3HAB brings his extensive experience from the dance world. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Frank and R3HAB together brought the extra ingredients to the track and turned a pop song into something more. They added that vibe that doesn’t allow you to sit still while listening to it. 
Frank Walker: R3HAB brings a crazy amount of experience to the table with the amount of music he’s released. His songs stretch across such a wide variety of genres that he’s really able to dial in on exactly what’s needed for a track’s production to perfect it. Clara, on the other hand, is such an incredible singer and songwriter, and you get such a feeling of emotion from her performances. It really all came together to make an amazing song.
Let's go back to your early musical inspirations – who are some artists that made you want to become artists yourselves? 
R3HAB: Oh too many too mention. The Prodigy made a big impact on me back in the day. Attitude, electronics, songs, energy – I had not heard anything like it before.
Clara Mae: I grew up during the 90s and I’ve always been into pop music. Robyn was (and still is) a big inspiration to me. But I also love older stuff like Fleetwood & Mac, Joni Mitchell and many more. 
Frank Walker: Growing up I was really into alt and rock music, and was always listening to bands like Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This really turned into an appreciation for EDM when DJs like Avicii and Kygo started collabing with singer-songwriters. I think that the melting of the two genres together gave me an appreciation for how electronic music could be elevated into something more than just “beats” and could actually be a song with feeling and emotions.   
Are there any up and coming artists who you think that we should be paying attention to?
R3HAB: On my label we are developing Cityzen which is a very cool new style tech house / garage style dance music. Really loving that sound he’s created.
Clara Mae: I really love what Maggie Rogers is doing right now, it’s such a vibe! Troye Sivan and Lauv are still favorites worth mentioning.
Frank Walker: There’s a producer named Petey who’s based out of Nashville who I met this past year in a songwriting session, and he’s just starting to launch his DJ/artist project. He just dropped his first single, which was with Matoma. His melodies are really amazing; I can guarantee that he’s going to explode in 2020!
Can each of you pick a favorite highlight from 2019 and tell us what made this a special moment for you? 
R3HAB: I had my first proper hit radio record with “All Around The World.” That was a great experience – travelling the world and hearing the song everywhere you go.
Clara Mae: I went to Hanoi to perform for the first time. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t know if people would even show up. To my surprise the show sold out and people were singing along to every word of my songs. It was a crazy feeling for a girl from Sweden. Amazing that my songs had spread all the way to the other side of the planet. That’s definitely one of my favorite moments of 2019.
Frank Walker: The highlight of my 2019 was debuting a full live performance at Ultra in Miami. It was such a unique experience than what I was used to playing at festivals. I brought out 4 different singers, 2 drummers and a sax player. It took a HUGE amount of work to plan out, but the payoff definitely made the show worth it.
And lastly, what are some things that you're most looking forward to in 2020? 
R3HAB: “More Than OK” of course!! And Lollapalooza South America – I haven’t been there in a long time and to be part of that special festival is an honor – looking very much forward to that.
Clara Mae: I’m looking forward to writing more music, not only for myself but also for other artists. Doing another tour would be amazing as well. I did three tours last year, but I still can’t wait to get back out there performing again.  
Frank Walker: I am getting ready to drop an album, and have been collabing with a ton of amazing singers I love! The past year has been pretty quiet for me as far as releasing my own music goes. But I’ve been insanely busy behind the scenes experimenting with new styles and sounds, which has me super fired up to get new music out to the world. It’s looking like the first single is coming in February! 
You can listen to "More Than OK" on your platform of choice today! http://cybr.at/morethanok 
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