Laidback Luke & Pyrodox Launch Remix Contest!

Sep 03, 2019
Laidback Luke & Pyrodox Launch Remix Contest!
Laidback Luke has been enjoying a resurgent year on the production front in 2019. Highlighted by standout collaborations such as “Party Starter” with Mark Bale and “Oh Yes (Rockin’ With The Best)” with Keanu Silva as well as official remixes for Avicii and Afrojack, Luke’s happiness and confidence in his productions is truly shining through. We got an indepth look at his new track with Pyrodox as well as the exciting news of the now open Remix Contest for “Keep On Rockin’."  
Luke, thanks for joining us today! We’re so excited to dive into your new music, but first, can you set the stage for us? Talk to us a bit about your past year, what’s been going on in life and with your music.
I've happily been making more music the past year! You can finally see the result with all of the tracks that are out now. And many more on the way! I've happily been making techno again too. I can't wait for you to hear my music from that under my new alias. In life, the big thing was obviously getting engaged and us moving closer again to my daughter in New York. 
Festival season is almost coming to an end... Can you update us a bit about what cool gigs you’ve still got coming up? And what gig of this summer season was one of your highlights? 
What might be the last festival of my season is Hope Festival in Toulouse, France, where I've been invited by Axtone to come play their stage! Apart from that, I'm very excited to be back at Ministry of Sound in London, LA, California, Las Vegas, the Mixmash Take Over Party at Amsterdam Dance Event and I'm bringing Super You&Me back for Atlantic City in America for HQ2!
My absolute highlights were coming back to the mainstage at Tomorrowland and the mainstage at Alfa Future People Festival in Russia as well. Feels like coming home on those types of stages! 
For your new track, you collaborated with Pyrodox, who is signed to Mixmash Records as well. Can you tell us about how you discovered his music and what happened after? 
Our Mixmash A&R discovered him a few years back, and from the start, he blew us away with his amazing production skills. At first, he was more in the trap and pop corner, but then he got back to dance music more and more. He finally made a sketch of “Keep On Rockin'” and I heard a big track in that! 
What was it like working with Pyrodox? What do you like most about his sound? 
He's an incredible producer and such a nice guy too! A true musician and a true engineer as well. It's incredible how he gets his sound so clean and so loud! In my newest VLOG we'll find out his secrets to his mastering! 
In the last months, we’ve seen you collaborating with some upcoming artists more often such as Mark Bale and now Pyrodox. Who are a few other artists you are drawing inspiration from currently and why? 
I have something coming up with Raven & Kreyn and with Teez as well. I love the official remix that Raven & Kreyn did for Galantis, that's some twisted house! Teez is from New Jersey, known for his "Whistle" track, and I've been playing a lot of his tracks over the past years. I'm always open to working together with new talent, whose tracks I genuinely play out! Mixmash Family comes first though! People like Keanu Silva and Pyrodox are exclusively signed to my label so collaborating with them is really easy! 
What advice would you share for all of the up and coming producers out there who are looking to find their own signature sound? 
Because we are all unique, you don't need to force yourself in trying to find your own sound. You are an accumulation of everything you've ever heard and loved. That's all deeply rooted in you! Don't try and copy someone, but take that to the next level. Preferably your own level! It's always about pushing the sound forward!
And talking about upcoming producers – we’re giving you guys the exclusive chance to release your music on Mixmash Records! We’ve just launched a remix contest for “Keep On Rockin'” with Pyrodox! Follow the link below to read more, download the stems and get the chance to release your remix on Mixmash Records! 
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And in case you missed it, don't forget to check out Laidback Luke's Twisted House Mix for 1001Tracklists exclusively on Apple Music:
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