Amsterdam's Finest: Michael Mendoza

Oct 11, 2018
Amsterdam's Finest: Michael Mendoza
Solidified as an Amsterdam nightlife icon, Michael Mendoza is back with another can’t miss event next week. Gathering some of his closest colleagues and hand picked rising talent, the Michael Mendoza & Friends show on Wednesday night is set to be one of the best ADE events. Bringing together artists like Sidney Samson, Dante Klein, and Genairo Nvilla, alongside his Armand de Brignac partnership, he’s offering the best of Amsterdam in terms of both music and entertainment. To celebrate, we caught up with Michael to get an inside look at the night, his ADE plans, and some exciting new IDs that he’s been working on.

Mike, thanks for joining us today, and let’s jump straight into things. We’re really looking forward to your ADE event on Wednesday, October 17th. What can you tell us about the event?
Michael Mendoza & Friends is all in the name. Just like any other event… (insert artist name)... & Friends, it will be an event that will be hosted by yours truly and will include performances by a lot of my close friends and colleagues and some new talent that I discovered.

As I became the first official brand ambassador in Europe for the world famous Armand de Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ champagne, we agreed to collaborate on this night. So from decoration and service to music and performances. We’re aiming on making this an A class night with top quality music. We’re going big this night!

ADE is known for such a plethora of options and events, so what do you feel differentiates your event from the rest and makes it a can’t miss party?
In all modesty I think that my event is a good combination of high-end international entertainment and a semi-local experience in terms of going out/partying. Looking at the lineup, my event caters to both local Dutch people who’re just going out during ADE as well as the international visitors who want to experience ADE the proper way. It’s very important for me to show people from abroad what we have to offer around here artist and music wise. Everyone, from a (music) business perspective to those who just want to party hard, will feel at home at Michael Mendoza & Friends.

How did you select the artists on your massive lineup and who are a few artists who you are particularly excited/proud to have on board?
Well I’m proud to have everyone on board. I mean, the big(ger) names have a (track) record that speaks for itself and the new names are such talented individuals. For example: I’ve invited my friend DJ Oefmeister for the second time in a row. He’s a great DJ from Surinam, the home country of both of my parents. He deserves this stage and I’m happy to give him a spot! I’m also really happy to have Dante Klein on board for the first time. He has amazing productions to his name and really smashes it behind the decks. People will be amazed with what he brings!

Can you share any exclusive hints for our readers as to the mystery guests?
All I can and will say is this: the people who know me or have followed me throughout my career will know who they are... There are a few people in my lifetime as a DJ who have become more than just good colleagues, the bond goes further than just music. Whenever we can collaborate on something, we do. Just make sure to witness it yourself.

Aside from your own event, what are some of your other ADE plans?
I'll be performing at the SONO Music Night on Sunday at Madfox. Sidney Samson has his own event on Saturday so I’ll return the favour as his guest DJ too.

I’m also co-hosting and performing at this new club called 50hertz on Sunday where I get to introduce a couple of really new artists who you should keep an eye on. There’s this kid called ‘The Lord’ that I really expect to blow up soon. He has some really cool stuff coming out soon and his DJ skills are great. His future looks bright. During this night, called ‘MOMENTUM’ I’m allowed to go a bit deeper and more experimental soundwise – really looking forward to it.

On Saturday I’ll give a DJ Workshop for Pioneer DJ NL at the 538 Hotel. As I said previously, I love to share my experience and knowledge with upcoming musicians/artists so I’m happy to be allowed to do so. Aside from radio interviews and meetings during the week I’ll do my best to check out some other colleagues and hopefully I can end ADE at HYTE with Loco Dice. It has become an annual ritual for Chuckie and me to go together and party there.

At Mysteryland this summer, Sunnery & Ryan debuted a new track of yours. What can you tell us about that ID?
The track is called “Comeback” referring to the old school vocal sample just before the drop. It took nearly two days to finish and not long after I sent it to some fellow DJs, the boys told me that they loved it! At Sexy By Nature at Mysteryland they had me on stage to drop the track together. The crowd went wild as you could see on the footage. I’m really looking forward to the release and feedback from other DJs. I consider this gem a weapon you’ll always be able to use for a peak time set, just to let everybody know who’s killing it behind the decks. I hope I’m right ;)

Any other productions or plans on the horizon that we should be on the lookout for?
Yeah there’s a lot of stuff I’ve been working on that will be released in the near future. There will be a few collabs with the DJs on my ADE lineup too. I’ve put my focus now into releasing singles and music videos which will show versatility music wise. I hope people will appreciate the sound. Other plans are definitely expanding the Michael Mendoza & Friends and/or my Evolution concept. Aside from music and events there’s a really cool project I’ve been working on for a couple of months now that I expect to share with the world anytime soon. I’m not gonna say what it is yet but I can hint: everyone will be able to have a taste of Michael Mendoza in the near future.

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