Federico Scavo's Exclusive Mix

Jun 04, 2018
Federico Scavo's Exclusive Mix
Italian house legend Federico Scavo is gearing up for another massive summer! 2018 again sees him with a full tour schedule, including a weekly residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, and in only a few short days he is due to release one of his most anticipated singles ever. “Blow It” represents the reincarnation of arguably his biggest single ever, “Strump,” and to celebrate Federico delivered his Exclusive Mix and took us inside his world!
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to your live sets at the moment?
In mixed sets I choose tracks that I like and are cool to listen to, while in clubs I can play around a bit more, inserting breaks of classical music and acappellas.

Can you spotlight three tracks included in the mix and why they stand out to you?
Tello –  “La Palabra” (Federico Scavo Remix). I like Tello a lot and I loved remixing this track.

Luca Guerrieri – “Last Chance” (Orson Welsh Remix). This remix was born from a remix contest on my label AREA 94 Records and I just love it.

Pietro Cavazza – “Paris With You” (Federico Scavo Remix). Cool vocal and really powerful record on the dancefloor. One of the next releases which will be coming soon on AREA 94 Records.
How’s your year been overall so far? What have been some highlights?
This is a great year for me. Winter season started with lots of gigs and the release of good projects. This summer I’ll be a resident DJ every Wednesday from June 27th to September 12th at Amnesia Ibiza for the Espuma Bubbles Party, and I will come back to other clubs I like very much, such as Lio Ibiza and Pineta Formentera. It will be an amazing summer!
Your new single “Blow It” is coming in only a few days, so can you take us through the production process of the track?
“Blow It” is the vocal version of “Strump,” one of the biggest hits I’ve ever produced. “Strump” was first born in 2011 and became an evergreen during this year. It was only an instrumental track so I’ve decided to give it some additional power by adding the vocal line and the result is “Blow It.”
How do you see “Blow It” fitting into your DJ sets? Have you had a chance to road test it at all? What’s the reception been like?
I will not play “Blow It” until the release because it’s like a “present” for my fans and I think it doesn’t need to be tested. It will fit perfectly in my sets.  
“Without You” is another stand out production as well! Love the vibe! Can you talk about working with the vocal on that track and some of your favorite elements in that production?
Thanks! Last year I heard the singer performing while on holiday, and I ended up asking her to sing me the melody I wrote and it became “Without You.” The combo of the underground sound and a fresh pop vocal is what I love most.
How’s your summer tour schedule shaping up? Are there any any dates that have you particularly excited?
My summer tour schedule is already full! I’m always excited to play everywhere I know that there are people waiting for me. The biggest news of the year is the Amnesia residency for sure!
"Blow It" is available to pre-order now exclusively on Beatport! https://www.beatport.com/release/blow-it/2277475
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Alex Kenji & Federico Scavo - Gimme Five 2k18 [PINKSTAR]
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Federico Scavo - Without You [D:VISION]
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Jain - Makeba (Federico Scavo Remix) [FREE]
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Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau (Federico Scavo 2018 Remix) [TIGER]
Federico Scavo - Bug [PACHA]
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