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Dec 18, 2017

[Exclusive Interview] W&W Celebrate 2017

2017 was another amazing year for W&W and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them in our exclusive interview. On top of their massive touring schedule, Mainstage label duties and W&W productions, the Dutch duo also launched NWYR with an incredible Ultra Music Festival performance in March. Their tracks “Chakra” and “Crowd Control” have rocked festivals and clubs worldwide and with an array of hotly anticipated IDs, it was hard to narrow in on what topics to discuss! Enjoy some rare insight from the guys into an incredible year and their preparations for an outstanding 2018.
2017 was another amazing year for you guys. What have been two personal highlights of 2017?
It’s always so hard to just choose one or two highlights because the entire year was so crazy, but the launch of our NWYR project was definitely one of them. Also the response on our collab “Chakra” with Vini Vici has been amazing!

There is quite some hype around this unreleased ID (“Supa Dupa Fly”), a track which after your Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland sets was one of the most watched IDs on the site! What was the inspiration for this track and are you planning to release it?
It’s actually a melody taken from an old track we always used to love, so it all started by making a new version of it that could work in our current sets. Then the reactions we got were so overwhelming that we tried to clear the publishing on it, which all worked out luckily! Now we still need to re-record the vocal on it, but it’s very close to finished, so we expect to release it as a single soon!

Another track from this year that causes absolute mayhem in the best way is your collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, “Crowd Control.” What do you think was the craziest crowd you saw moving left to right during that track?
We played at the World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival with Hardwell in Mumbai, India [full set + tracklist] to raise money to put 100,000 Indian children through school. That show was insane! Besides the fact that of course it’s amazing to be able to do give something back like that, the crowd was also one of the best we ever played for. When we dropped “Crowd Control” we saw 80,000 people going absolutely crazy!!

The response to “Chakra” has also been huge this year! How do you guys view the growth in popularity of psy-trance and its influence reaching more into the world of big room electro and progressive house? Do you think we’ll hear more tracks from W&W or NWYR reflecting that influence?
It’s great to see how certain genres can just pop up out of the underground and influence the more mainstream music in a good way! We personally also really love the genre. Just recently we played a festival in Brasil where there was a psy stage. We watched that stage actually before our own set to feel the vibe of it. It’s something special.

As for our own productions, we like to be influenced by many things so there’s a good chance that you’ll hear some more psy kind of drops as well, but we will always give the music our own twist and in all honestly it will be hard to top “Chakra” haha! Many props go to our friends Vini Vici for this as well. It was a cool and different collab to work on with them!  

NWYR is already announced on the lineup for ASOT 850 next year. Can you tell us a little about how you felt that project was received this year and your plans for NWYR next year?
Well, above expectations to be honest. It was pretty nerve wracking to start a new project out of nowhere and play a set full of new music on one of the biggest stages of Ultra Miami at prime time! But we simply felt that this was something that we wanted to do, showing a different side of W&W. It was taking a bit of a risk obviously, but now seeing how much demand there is and the amazing reactions on socials, it was totally worth it!

For next year the first focus for NWYR is the set in Holland at ASOT 850. We are currently making a lot of setups for new tracks and will try to finish as much as we can in January and February for a fresh new NWYR show!
You have a bunch of big IDs still out there at the moment including the track formerly known as “Komodo” and one you premiered at Tomorrowland, “Long Way Down.” Can you share any insight into your plans for these tracks or any others lining up for 2018?
Yes, we always have many IDs since we want to make our set stand out and play as much of our own music as possible. To decide what to release and what not to release is always a big battle haha! We can’t say to much about them yet, but the titles you mentioned are definitely on the short list ;)

What do you guys hope to achieve with both projects in 2018?
Our biggest challenge is to always move forward musically, but still stick to what we love. We have to reinvent ourselves over and over again, and now that we have two projects we have to do it on both fronts! In the end we always find a way to make it work, so our goal for this year is to bring out a lot of new fresh music which will still contain the W&W or NWYR feeling, but is not a copy of something we’ve done before. 
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