Justin Mylo Talks New Music

Jul 12, 2017
Justin Mylo Talks New Music
Justin Mylo’s summer is in full swing as he’s enjoying his busiest solo touring schedule yet! Amidst the incredible club and festival dates, he’s just released “Cheap Motel,” a project that started over a year ago and brings his trademark bounce sound perfectly into summer season. Enjoy a look inside the production, his busy tour dates, and of course the infamous ID of his which Martin Garrix has been playing out everywhere this summer!
You’ve been rocking this summer! Lots of great shows and festivals, so what’s the summer been like so far through your eyes?
It’s been crazy so far! I went from Asia to Vegas for EDC Week straight into my summer tour. It’s all starting to feel like I’m actually a real touring DJ haha. It’s insane, like a dream coming true. I’m happy to be able to travel and give people an amazing day/night.
Turning our focus towards your new single, what was the initial idea and inspiration for “Cheap Motel”?
I actually started the project of “Cheap Motel” about one and a half years ago. I didn’t have a vocal at that time and I wanted to mix the ‘future bounce’ sound of my previous songs with summer vibes, but still keep the track energetic. For me, energy is a very important thing in my music!
Can you take us through the production process?
I started out with the instrumental and as I usually do when making music, I start by working on the melody. I can spend hours getting the chords right and then from there I start building the rest of the song. A year later I opened the project again and felt like the song really needed a vocal so I ended up jumping into the studio with a songwriter duo named The Companions and a singer named Babet who did the vocals. We wrote the vocals all together – I really love to be involved in the process of writing.
How have you been using “Cheap Motel” in your sets and what’s the reaction been like?
I haven’t been playing it out for very long actually, but the reaction has been amazing so far. Personally I feel like it’s a really danceable song.
What can you tell us about your huge ID collaboration with Martin Garrix that he’s been playing in a lot of his sets this year!? Is it going to be released with a vocal?
I am super excited about that song, but can’t go into any details about what is going to happen with it or with whom the song actually is.
Taking a closer look at your festival sets, what are two must plays for you this summer?
I always like to think that my sets are very diverse, but if I had to pick two must plays for me this summer... of course “Cheap Motel” and I love to play hip hop mashups and remixes in my set so I would say Dzeko’s remix of Post Malone’s “Congratulations.”
Which of your own tracks do you enjoy playing the most live?
“Cheap Motel” and the new ID!
Any summer dates or other exciting plans you’d like to share?
My summer is full of exciting things! I’m playing Tomorrowland for the very first time. I’m playing Ushuaïa and Hï every week. I've got dates at Omnia and Wet Republic in between the Ibiza shows in August and September and I'm closing off the summer in the Dominican Republic.
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